How Our Partnership with ArtPlayer is Turning the In-Location Experience into an Art Form

Art is said to lift the human spirit and offer a window into human consciousness. Art is also said to give a room a focal point, give it a finished feel, and add instant ambiance.

As a business owner, you may be surprised to find out that art can also make or break your customer experience, increase dwell time, and improve the productivity of your staff. We’ve recently partnered with streaming digital art firm ArtPlayer to harness the power of art for the commercial sector. Here’s why this integration is a big deal for Raydiant customers. 

Turning Art into Business

Whether you’re seeking to improve the in-location experience for your customers, guests, patients, or employees, it’s all about ambiance. In fact, it’s a significant metric for brick and mortars, with two out of three of them using customer experience to compete with other brands. In the workplace, the push to improve the employee experience has a similar nature , due to a labor shortage and competitive talent marketplace. How does what you hang on your walls impact your bottom line and improve employee morale? 

The mood-changing influence of art is well documented, and there’s a growing body of evidence that it’s good for business too. For instance, one survey found that displaying art in the workplace significantly reduced stress levels and increased creativity, productivity, and morale. In hospitals and doctor’s offices, soothing art images elicited more positive feelings in patients, reduced anxiety and fear, and even helped with pain management. Retailers and restaurants use art and design to create a mood that shoppers and diners enjoy to increase dwell time, purchases, and orders as a result. 

How ArtPlayer Works

ArtPlayer, now part of Raydiant’s extensive app marketplace, is a streaming digital art platform that lets companies and organizations stream art images from some of the best-known artists of our time. As a Raydiant customer with an ArtPlayer subscription, you can use any Raydiant-enabled screen to display the art image of your choice in pristine 4K resolution. Choose the art you wish to display by title, artist, or mood. When selecting moods such as Happy, Calm, Exciting, etc., the app will automatically generate a visual art image that corresponds to it. The display can also be set so that complementary music matching the mood is played in the background. The title of the work and the artist are both displayed on screen along with optional custom messages. Whether you want to switch out the art image, change the background music, or update your on-screen message—manage your ArtPlayer displays your way. 

Harnessing ArtPlayer Across Industries


Soothe your patients’ nerves before and during a medical procedure with beautiful visual displays to help distract them. Artwork in hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices is shown to reduce patient discomfort, relieve stress, and entertain them while they wait for their appointment. This plays a significant role in reducing their perceived wait time due to how much patients enjoy being immersed in a positive environment.  In one report, ArtPlayer visuals helped relax patients and reduced their heart rate while having their blood drawn. Others find that art increases joy and decreases stress in dementia patients.


The revenue of a hotel, restaurant, or other hospitality environment depends largely on their customer experience. A huge part of that experience is the design and pace of the atmosphere. Keeping customers and guests entertained in a comforting environment will lead to a higher frequency of transactions such as ordering dessert or a second drink during a meal, booking an extra night, and upgrading their spa service from silver to platinum. ArtPlayer helps you add ambiance with specially curated art images that set the right vibe and reflect your brand’s aesthetic. 


Despite COVID, many customers still prefer shopping at brick and mortars rather than online. They crave the shopping experience as a whole such as physically interacting with the product and enjoying the audio/visual atmosphere of the store. Retail stores can engage their customers in an exciting retail experience by displaying artwork and using upbeat music. ArtPlayer streaming art enhances the overall design and tone of a retail atmosphere. As a result, customers have a tendency to shop longer and add more products to their final purchase. 


A staggering amount of the US workforce—64% to be exact—are disengaged at work.  The average firm roughly loses $2,200 annually per employee due to this apathetic and disengaged attitude. This problem amounts to an annual cost of $350 billion dollars. To combat such a widespread and deeply impactful issue, Hoopla by Raydiant is our main tool to help companies improve their employee communication and collaboration, while significantly reducing turnover. ArtPlayer streaming art can also be used to inspire creativity and productivity in the workplace. Research shows that employees work 15% faster with art-decorated offices, with 78% of them noting a reduction in stress, and 67% of them reporting better workplace morale as a result. 

Museums and libraries 

ArtPlayer is an effective entertainment tool for museums and libraries. The complementary visual aids for presentations and special events makes ArtPlayer an essential tool in day-to-day use. Any of ArtPlayer’s 500,000+ art images can be displayed across rooms and exhibits which can be enabled at a moment’s notice. In seconds, you can share world-famous fine art with patrons and guests and create the perfect atmosphere for learning. 

Schools and universities 

ArtPlayer makes art more accessible as a learning tool to inspire and educate today’s youth. Streaming ArtPlayer visuals in schools and universities turns school signage into beautiful displays where students can learn about art while keeping track of school announcements through custom on-screen messaging. Schools and universities using Raydiant for their campus displays can add ArtPlayer visuals to their screen content to offer students a mental break through calming visuals and soothing music. 

Raydiant, ArtPlayer, and the Business Side of Art 

Our partnership with ArtPlayer proves that art does so much more than just hang on the wall. Our partnership builds businesses, influences customer purchases, and gives patients a better quality of care. To learn more about the ArtPlayer app, now available on the Raydiant dashboard, visit raydiant.com.

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