Digital Signage for K-12 Schools: Elevate the Learning Experience

A digital signage solution that takes learning to the next level.

From their smartphones to their iPads, today’s students from kindergarden to the 12th grade have a lot of things competing for their attention on a daily basis. In this tech-savvy environment, paper signs simply aren’t going to get the attention they need. Raydiant’s digital signage platform for grades k-12 brings signs to life with bold, colorful, dynamic images and videos. It has everything schools need to draw their student’s attention to important news and information, plus it can also be used as an effective virtual teaching tool. Here are the many ways Raydiant will upgrade the learning experience for both your students and staff. 

On-Screen Visuals Make Learning Fun

From welcoming messages to student directories to important announcements, Raydiant digital signage software makes your message stand out. Our interface gives educational institutions access to some of the best apps on the market, including a design app with over 150,000 HD and 4K templates for making digital posters and videos. Drag-and-drop design tools make it easy and fun to create eye-catching displays that are also informative. 

Simple to install, easy to use

No need to spend time learning the ins-and-outs of a complicated signage system. Raydiant hardware uses an easy plug-and-play device that plugs right into your TV screen. Follow the screen prompts and you’re up and running in a matter of minutes! Plus, our intuitive interface, which includes a streamlined dashboard that’s easy to navigate, lets you start creating signage instantly—even if you have zero IT or design skills. 

Manage all campus screens remotely

You don’t have to be in the classroom—or even on campus—to manage and update your digital signage for k-12 schools. Raydiant’s secure cloud-based platform gives you instant access from anywhere and from any device. This lets one or more trusted staff members manage your signage from their home, office, or classroom. And since the Raydiant system uses our own software, its less vulnerable to data breaches, viruses, and cybersecurity leaks. Use digital signage to instantly publish important information such as morning announcements, field trips, scheduling changes, inform visitors or parents about upcoming fundraising events and many more.

Schedule signs for the entire school year

Raydiant allows you to plan ahead—as far ahead as you like—with your digital screen content. Our advanced system even lets you set signage to display at certain dates and times. Registration and orientation signage for the new school year? Raydiant lets you have it ready and set ahead of time. Seasonal menus for your school cafeteria? Schedule your digital menu boards to change when the season starts with Raydiant. Advertising for the school play or listing practice dates for the football team? Do it all with Raydiant—and any time you need to make updates, you can do it with a few clicks and changes are made across screens in seconds.

How to Use Raydiant in Your K-12 School

Interactive directories and wayfinding signs

Welcome new and returning students and staff and help them get where they need to go with digital signage. Use them to display signs for different departments and common areas like the library, cafeteria, and gym. Showcase an interactive digital directory or campus map, and to give them point-to-point directions on campus.

Emergency alerts and important messages

Push important school announcements on one or all screens in a certain area or across campus. From health and safety reminders to emergency alerts, use Raydiant to get your message out to a mass of students both quickly and effectively.

Remote learning with Virtual Classroom

Along with our standard Raydiant subscription, Raydiant also offers a Virtual Classroom solution for schools who want to expand their remote teaching capabilities. Teach, connect, and keep students engaged no matter where they are geographically with this all-in-one virtual classroom tool. It uses a mix of HD video conferencing, real-time whiteboarding, and on-screen messaging that allows students to learn as if they were in the classroom. 

Why School Administrators Love Raydiant


Grabs and holds students’ attention with bold, dynamic visuals


Provides for all campus signage needs, from digital menu boards to wayfinding


Ensures that important and emergency messages are high impact


Allows for interactive wayfinding signs, directories, and campus maps


Enables staff to easily set, schedule, and update cafeteria’s digital menu boards


Keeps students informed and excited about upcoming school events


Creates an easy way to share campus news as well as live news and weather feeds


Interface is controlled by a secure cloud and easy to update remotely


Virtual Classroom gives students and teachers the “in-classroom” experience remotely

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