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Duelbox is an interactive games and activities platform that engages and educates participants at both in-person and virtual events, as well as employees in the workplace. With a growing library of games or the option to create your own, Duelbox has something for every situation. Boost audience energy and leverage polls to gather valuable feedback in real-time. Duelbox can host hundreds of players at once through Raydiant-powered screens, making it the perfect engagement solution for corporate events, happy hours, retail spaces, and more.

Gamify your event and workplace

Bring teams together through engaging activities and challenges. Friendly competition increases motivation, productivity, and collaboration skills. Provide team members with recognition and rewards for a job well done, and leave event attendees with a branded, lasting impression of your event.

Level up your customer engagement

From restaurants and bars to hospitality and retail, pull customers in by offering discounts, promos, and awards through interactive game content. Getting people to spend more time at your establishment means they’ll order another round of wings or drinks and increase in-store sales. 

Play anywhere, whether in-person or online

Duelbox is remote and hybrid friendly, so you can play games such as Spin the Wheel and Quiz Game at any type of event — in-person conferences, virtual events, and hybrid events all fit the bill. The games are also customizable to reflect your branding, whether you’re a corporate team or a brick-and-mortar.

Schedule Duelbox games alongside other engaging content

With Raydiant, easily queue up different types of entertainment available on our App Marketplace. Add news and video streaming with RaydiantTV,  social media feeds, Barvanna games, and much more.

How we integrate

Duelbox is available as part of our in-location experience marketplace, and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. Simply add your Duelbox unique id code onto the Raydiant dashboard. Once live on the Raydiant digital screens, guests can scan the QR code to join and play.