Healthcare Digital Signage: Create a Better
Patient Experience

The ideal signage solution for healthcare facilities.

With its cloud-based platform, Raydiant helps even the busiest healthcare facilities make visits easier, more informative, and more comfortable for patients and staff alike with Raydiant’s healthcare digital signage.

Reduces Wait Times and Anxiety

No matter how skilled your staff or how nice your facilities, the waiting room of a hospital, urgent care center, or doctor’s office is a stressful place to be. Let Raydiant help you make your patients’ wait a little easier. Provide lobby entertainment with news feeds, videos, and more. Post wait times and queuing information. Every little bit helps your patients feel calmer and more relaxed before entering the doctor’s exam room.

Create a Better Patient Experience - Image of Display on wall with Covid-19 information.

Improves Staff Communications

Keeping staff on the same page is important in every business, but in medical offices it can literally mean the difference between life and death. Raydiant helps you create bright, attention-grabbing signage and ensure that it gets deployed exactly where you need it, when you need it.

Provides Up-To-The-Moment Information

Healthcare facilities are naturally busy places, with emergencies happening on the daily—sometimes hourly. With Raydiant’s cloud-based platform, you can log in from anywhere at a moment’s notice and update signage in seconds. Issue facility-wide alerts, initiate safety protocols, or even send localized warnings to specific areas of a facility, saving precious time that could have huge consequences.

Keeps People Informed

People’s eyes are naturally drawn to screens, so they are the perfect vehicles for broadcasting general healthcare advice. Use your Raydiant-enabled screens to provide seasonal healthcare tips, home health advice, or guidance on avoiding current communicative diseases.

Raydiant can help you make your healthcare facility a calmer, less stressful, and more educational place for both patients and staff.

How Healthcare Facilities are Using Raydiant's Digital Signage to Help their Business

Lobby and Waiting Area Signage

Your hospital’s or doctor’s facility’s lobby and waiting area are the first points-of-contact for your patients. Get their experience off to a good start by providing all the information they need to get checked in—and on a big digital screen they can’t miss. Keep them settled with multimedia entertainment and queueing information that helps reduce perceived wait times.

Donor Walls

Most healthcare facilities would not exist without their donors. Honor their generosity with beautiful tribute bio pages made with high-quality HD photos and videos on Raydiant’s digital signage platform for doctors and hospitals. Display them out in common areas for everyone to see, or in specific wings and rooms that their donations helped to build.

Wayfinding Signs

Larger healthcare facilities can be mazes of wings and hallways. Help patients and staff get where they need to be–especially when timing is critical. Use one of 150,000+ digital poster templates to create bold, eye-catching signage that points people in the right direction.

Why Healthcare Facilities Love Raydiant


Reflects an image of cleanliness and modern technology.


Signage updates easily and instantly to keep up with the constant flow of activity.


Scales with the facility, accommodating multiple locations and specialist networks.


Helps honor staff and send messages of support during difficult stretches.


Eases the burden of front desk workers by providing information directly to patients.


Helps patients relax and get closer to baseline before entering the exam room.


Enables you to prominently display important public health and safety announcements.

Why Healthcare Facilities Love Raydiant

Ready to Upgrade Your Patient Experience?

Taking care of people’s health is hard. Let us make your signage easy—and your patient experience better—at the same time. Book a demo today or try Raydiant risk-free.

Digital Signage Engages Patients While “Paying for Itself” at this Practice.

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