by Screenfeed

Screenfeed Connect is an app builder and digital signage content provider that reduces the time, costs, and effort required to complete data-driven, digital signage content projects. Choose from Screenfeed’s massive template library or create from scratch with their app builder. From showcasing five-star reviews at restaurants to displaying trail conditions at visitor centers for a nature reserve, Screenfeed and Raydiant help you create exactly what you’re looking for.

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Create your own app

Convert quantitative and qualitative data into customizable apps — no coding or developer needed. With a variety of design tools, digital signage templates, and pre-built widgets, easily create dynamic content apps with Screenfeed. Choose from calendars, graphs, schedules, and more to seamlessly build your app idea. Menu boards, leaderboard designs, and employee profile displays are all fair game.

Where content creation meets data

Create data-powered screen content. Instead of static signage, build dynamic content that cycles through the information from your data source. Connect up to 5 different data sources to your app — whether it’s Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, JSON, or a calendar — to incorporate employee schedules, polls, survey responses, sales leaderboards, and more into your signage creations. No data source? No problem. Simply input your own data directly into Screenfeed Connect.

Reduce time spent updating content

Automatically trigger content when certain conditions are met. For example, a fast food restaurant can choose to show an ice cream ad if it’s over 80 degrees Fahrenheit or a coffee ad if it’s under 70. In the workplace, set off a congratulatory display when employees meet their sales goals. Get creative!

Schedule Screenfeed alongside other engaging content

With Raydiant, create content playlists to display more than one piece of content at a time. Use the multi-zone feature to showcase information such as weather, news, and promotions alongside your Screenfeed creations.

How we integrate

Screenfeed is available as part of our in-location experience marketplace and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. Simply add your Screenfeed code onto the Raydiant dashboard. Once connected it’ll display live on the Raydiant digital screens.