Make Shoppers Do a Double-Take With Digital Signage For Retail Stores

The eye-catching, revenue-driving customer experience platform for retailers.

Raydiant’s cloud-based digital signage software for retailers offers you the ultimate opportunity to entice passers-by and create an immersive shopping experience with glorious HD video and audio.

Drives Revenues

Raydiant’s retail digital signage helps you drive revenues at every step of the customer journey in your retail stores. Eye-catching digital screens and displays with dynamic visuals have been shown to get more customers through the door, increase customer engagement and improve customer in store experiences in real-time. Once inside, customers tend to spend more time and more money shopping. Brands have consistently reported an increase in sales after implementing digital signage to display product information.

Well-crafted digital signage brings customers in and helps them make more purchases. In today’s dynamic marketplace, Raydiant gives retailers the competitive edge they need to win customers, deliver powerful in-store experiences, and influence purchasing decisions and spending with digital signs.

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Your Advantage in a Competitive Landscape

With the popularity of online shopping and savvier-than-ever customers, competition in the retail industry is tough. Raydiant gives businesses a solution proven to give them a leg up. Increase foot traffic, upsell, drive consumer engagement, and more with Raydiant for retailers.

Saves Money and Time on Messaging

These days, every dollar counts. Retailers should demand a high ROI from their marketing tools. Raydiant’s cloud-based digital display technology allows retailers to update displays, introduce new promotions, or change seasonal messaging instantly—and without the additional expense of hefty printing costs.

Updates Easily—and Instantly

Now there’s no need to wait on a printer or get managers at individual locations on the same page to implement new marketing campaigns or promotions. Send multimedia presentations to every screen in your network, or target a select few, and update your campaigns in seconds with digital signage.

How Retailers are Using Raydiant's Retail Digital Signage to Drive Revenues

Advertising on the Street

A good advertisement can make shoppers stop on a dime. Use one of more than 150,000 templates to create attention-grabbing displays on digital signage that bring customers through the door of your retail store.

Advertising in the Retail Store

In-store messaging on digital signage has proven to be effective at influencing shoppers and driving up average transactions for retail businesses. Raydiant gives you all the tools you need to educate shoppers about your products and services, share your brand story with them, and alert them to sales and promotions.

In-Store Social Media and Branding

Build brand loyalty by bringing your social media content into real-life shopping experiences. Share your company’s Instagram feed or tagged content on a social wall. Solidify your brand and build familiarity and favorability with consistent graphics and messaging across multiple locations. With Raydiant’s in-store digital signage, you can accomplish this easily—and from any device or location.

How Raydiant's Digital Signage Helps Retailers Increase Revenue


Entices passing shoppers and brings them in the door.


Creates a welcoming and inviting shopping atmosphere.


Lets you play mood-based playlists from a library of 50 million songs—no need for music licenses.


Educates customers about your brand’s story, products, services, and promotions.


Makes introducing seasonal sales and promotions easy, even across multiple locations.


Increases average transactions and influences impulse buys in lines and at point-of-sale.


Showcases products with gorgeous HD photos and videos.


Remote management allows you to create, manage, and deploy in-store digital signage from anywhere, at any time.


Enables you to prominently display important public health and safety messages.

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Ready to Boost Your Sales with a Better Customer Experience?

Raydiant digital signage gives you the tools you need to stand out from the crowd—and to bring customers back for more. Give us a try risk-free or book a demo today.

The flexibility of the tools and apps was very attractive,” says this sporting goods retailer and Raydiant customer, “on our easy-to-manage, multi-functional platform”.

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