University Digital Signage: Smart Signage for a More Connected Campus

A digital signage solution that meets the needs of higher education.

Today’s university student wants to get their information digitally. They’re used to reading the news on their phones and using iPads to take notes in class, so it makes sense that they’re looking for the same format to keep updated on campus news and events. Raydiant digital signage for universities keeps students, teachers, and university staff connected, engaged, and in the know with highly visual signs that catch their attention.

Visual Messaging = Increased Engagement

Think about all of the news and information circulating on a college campus any given day. It can get overwhelming—and important information can easily go ignored in all the noise. University digital signage helps you get your message across in a dynamic, vividly visual way. Important campus news and updates, emergency messages, changes in class schedules, and other high-priority messages become more noticeable with HD and 4K signs you can design yourself in minutes using over 150,000 gorgeous templates. Better information circulation and recall equals a safer, more inclusive campus and an overall more connected community.

Build an informed community of students and staff

From updated office hours and building closures to campus concerts and special guest lectures, campus information needs to be circulated far and wide to get the most impact. Keeping university students and staff informed can be a challenge, especially in a university environment with all of its moving parts. Raydiant keeps it simple with an easy-to-use interface that staff can securely access from any device. Forget flyers: use Raydiant instead to create digital posters for your campus game nights and sports events. You can also use Raydiant to update your cafeteria’s digital menu boards in seconds. And in case of emergency, you can instantly push emergency alerts to all Raydiant screens across campus. 

Drive action with digital signage

Digital signs are not only 400% more likely to be seen than static signs, but they have an average recall rate of 83%. Want your students to not only see and remember your message but act on it? Digital signage is the answer. Not only are they more visually appealing than paper signs, but their dynamic appearance can be used to elicit a response that static signs can’t. Emails, community boards, and flyers can be easily disregarded: colorful, animated digital signs are much harder to ignore.

Remotely manage screens across campus

Design, display, schedule, and update some or all of your screens and digital signage content on campus from a cloud-based interface you can access anytime, anywhere. Administrators, teachers, faculty and University staff can manage the signs for their department, or a campus coordinator can do it all—no matter who’s managing your signs, they can do it on campus or off through a secure cloud. And since the Raydiant digital signage software is constantly being updated, you can always expect optimal performance and heightened security against viruses and data leaks. 

How to Use Raydiant at Your University

Display directories and wayfinding signs

Help students get where they need to go with interactive directories, campus maps, and wayfinding signs. Use videos with audio prompts to guide the blind and visually impaired. 

Push emergency alerts instantly

Easily create emergency alert signs to push to all Raydiant screens when you need to. Our streamlined dashboard makes it easy to find what you need and update your screens quickly in case of emergency. 

Recreate that “in-class” experience remotely

Raydiant’s Virtual Classroom lets you enjoy face-to-face communication through our video conferencing app, on-screen announcements and alerts that appear on side screens and don’t interrupt lessons, and a real-time whiteboarding tool to help you illustrate your points. 

Why Universities Love Raydiant's Digital Signage Solutions


Competes for students’ attention with bold, dynamic graphics and videos


Gets important and emergency messaging out quickly


Extremely versatile use—from wayfinding signs to digital menu boards


Directs foot traffic with interactive directories and wayfinding signs


Remote interface makes it easy for staff to update signs from anywhere


Digital signage calls attention to important campus news and events


Virtual Classroom mimics the in-person classroom experience for optimal learning

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