Release Notes - 2024

Date: 04/12/2024

Release: Raydiant Engage - EngageAI

What’s New

EngageAI introduces advanced AI-driven capabilities for automated content generation within the Raydiant Engage platform. This release focuses on enhancing customer interaction through automated text and image content creation, coupled with user-friendly customization and targeting features.


  • AI-Driven Text Generation: Integrates OpenAI’s GPT technology to facilitate automatic generation of text content based on customer-provided prompts. This feature supports various content lengths and tones.

  • AI-Driven Image Generation: Utilizes AI algorithms to generate images relevant to the text content or customer inputs. Customers can also upload custom images to their posts. The system supports the addition of up to 10 images per post, enhancing visual engagement.

  • Content Customization and Preview: Provides tools for admins and players to edit and modify AI-generated content before finalizing. This includes a preview functionality that ensures all content meets expectations prior to publication.

  • Audience Targeting: Features user-defined targeting options that allow posts to be directed towards specific team members, teams, or the entire community, ensuring content relevance and precision in communication.

  • Access and Integration: Easily accessible under the "Post" section of the Raydiant Engage platform. 


For any issues or questions regarding EngageAI, please refer to our detailed FAQ section or contact our support team directly through the support portal.

Date: 03/20/2024

Release: Visitor InSight Region of Interest (ROI)

What’s New

Ability to select a partial portion of the camera field of view (FOV), and exclude the rest from the analysis. This can be used for example to exclude employees behind the counters or people outside the locations that are visible in the camera FOV so that the data is not muddied with employees being counted as visitors.

Date: 03/05/2024

Release: New Multi-zone Layouts

What’s New

Three new Multi-zone layouts:

  • 50:50

  • 60:40

  • 75:25 (borderless)

Note: Menu presentations may need to be updated to display items in narrower views.

Date 02/15/2024

Release: InSight Analytics Platform: Visitor InSight 

What’s New

All Analytics pages are now live for all customers that have building tags set up. Here's what customers get:

  • Traffic & Awareness page with Insights on Traffic, Dwell Time, and Demographics

    • Unique Impressions and Verified Viewers metrics are also available for customers with CX and Visitor InSight

  • Content Engagement page with playback metrics for customers with CX, Kiosk, or RX

    • Traffic, Content Views, and View Conversion rates are also available for customers with Visitor InSight on top 

  • Product Engagement page with insights on Engaged Shoppers, Screen Clicks for RX or Kiosk customers

    • Product Pickups and Total Interactions are also available for RX customers

  • Sample graphs with CTAs redirecting to the product pages for customers without necessary products for each of the analytics pages

Date 02/01/2024

Release: InSight Analytics Platform: Traffic & Awareness

What’s New

Traffic & Awareness is now live on the InSight Analytics Platform. It adds to the Product Engagement (RX), and Content Engagement (CX) that were already live. Here's what customers get:

  • Insights on Foot traffic, Dwell times, Impressions, Viewers, and Demographics for Visitor InSight customers with CX

  • Insights on Foot traffic, Dwell times, and Demographics for Visitor InSight standalone customers

  • Sample graphs with CTA redirecting to the Visitor InSight product for customers without Visitor InSight

Date: 1/9/2024

Release: EX Self Service Signup

What’s New

We now have the ability for anyone interested in trying our Engage (EX) product in their location/store to sign up for EX on their own and invite their team members.  They will only have access to the Huddle messaging capabilities and only 100 Fan licenses and one Admin license in this scaled down free version of the product. They can choose to upgrade to a paid version at any time.