7shifts: The Ultimate Scheduling Software for Restaurant Employees

No matter how you slice it, meeting the demands of running a restaurant while simultaneously trying to manage employees is no easy feat. Introducing the 7shifts app, team management software designed to help restaurant and franchise owners stay on top of employee shift schedules.

Spend less time and effort scheduling staff, display up-to-date shift information on Raydiant-powered screens, and keep track of employee availability in real-time.

Keep your team in sync

Printing weekly or monthly schedules and manually changing shift details are things of the past. 7shifts allows you to display schedules on eye-catching digital signage and easily make last-minute updates. Add and remove shifts or employees, adjust start and end times, create and edit events, and more.

Any changes made in the app are synced on back-of-house signage instantly. This allows your team to know exactly who’s scheduled to work and when, minimizing potential confusion from unexpected shift adjustments.

Choose from daily or weekly displays — whatever makes the most sense for you and your employees. Get everyone on the same page, so you can avoid being understaffed and ensure you’ve got your front- and back-of-house covered.

A solution that scales with your business

Automating aspects of staff management is especially important for franchises or nationwide chains with multiple locations. 7shifts eliminates the need for tedious bookkeeping tasks that can otherwise take hours to complete. Easily view schedules by location, department, or role, and access all your shift information from a centralized platform so you can skip unnecessary back-and-forth email threads.

The app also keeps track of when employees clock in and out. Managers can stay in the know about whether employees are absent, late, or working overtime — the schedule automatically updates to reflect accurate, real-time information.

Say an employee’s shift was from 9am to 12pm, but they worked until 1pm because things got busy during the lunch rush. The schedule would update to reflect the actual shift that they worked (9am to 1pm) — no manual toggling required.

By letting 7shifts take care of scheduling, you win back time and can shift your attention to other things (like serving delicious food and providing excellent customer service).

7shifts: The Ultimate Scheduling Software for Restaurant Employees

Boost employee productivity

With 7shifts, reduce confusion caused by last-minute shift changes and provide a centralized, up-to-date schedule that is easily accessible. Empower employees with the information they need to stay organized, reduce the chance of missing a shift, and streamline scheduling processes to save everyone time.

Create a Raydiant nested playlist to display not only shift schedules but also other helpful content to boost employee engagement, such as Phenium (food safety monitoring), Bluedot (geofencing to optimize to-go processes), Points & Rewards (employee gamification), and more. Or devote one screen to 7shifts and another to a rotating selection of content. With Raydiant, the possibilities are endless!

You can also integrate your existing POS system (Square, Clover, Toast, Tray) with 7shifts to gain a side-by-side comparison of sales and labor data, enabling you to make informed budgeting decisions. Optimize monthly labor costs to ensure your restaurant is at its most efficient.

Simplify shift management, one shift at a time

Make your scheduling system more efficient, and let 7shifts take it from here. Book a demo to see how 7shifts and Raydiant can take your restaurant to the next level.