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The TRAY POS system is a comprehensive restaurant management tool for busy restaurateurs. Seamlessly integrated into the Raydiant ecosystem, the TRAY POS allows restaurants to manage orders and transactions from all endpoints using one central interface. Each POS transaction updates your Raydiant-powered digital menu boards with the latest data—whether that means 86ing a menu item, updating prices, or featuring seasonal fare as it comes available. Automating back-end processes also frees up staff for better productivity, while customers enjoy the conveniences of ordering, paying, and redeeming loyalty points instantly and with ease.

A full-service POS for restaurants

Manage all your touch points, from table and mobile orders to self-service kiosks, with the comprehensive TRAY POS. This robust POS automates everything from inventory management to invoicing to business reporting, for a system that keeps track of it all. Keep track of recipe costs, get transparency on what specials work and when, and get alerts on low inventory and other important operations. This transparency trickles to your customers through always-up-to-date digital menu boards that automatically update with every POS transaction.

Streamlining front and back of house

The TRAY POS features an intuitive visual interface that makes order taking easy for staff, meaning less training time and quicker lines. The system also makes it easy to run promotions and specials, letting you make changes in moments, and tracking every transaction automatically. All order stations—checkout, table, handheld, self-service kiosk—run on one seamless system. Guests love it because they can get what they want when they want it—whether that’s ordering food, leaving a tip, or redeeming loyalty points or gift cards.

Motivating your back of house staff with gamified contests

Motivate restaurant staff by offering gamified contests around limited time offers (LTOs) and other sales activity - connected directly to your TRAY POS data. Raydiant’s employee engagement platform for brick-and-mortar lets you create contests to track who sells the most of your LTO (Hawaiian pizza, anyone?), and offers a personalized recognition and reward platform to celebrate your winner at contest end.

Convenience = better customer experience

TRAY POS technology keeps your restaurant running smoothly, meaning shorter lines and wait times for your customers. It also means they’ll never be disappointed ordering off your menu—if it’s displayed on your digital menu board, it’s available. Raydiant’s TRAY integration means digital displays can also be set to show order status in real time, so guests know when their food is ready. And when it’s time to pay, there’s no long line to wait in; they can simply scan a card, leave a tip, and go—with their food still hot.

A cloud-based POS you manage anywhere

The TRAY POS is a cloud-based system that helps restaurateurs and managers stay on top of what’s happening at their restaurants, whether it’s one location or a chain. Raydiant restaurants with the TRAY POS can simply log onto their Raydiant dashboard from any device and location, and access the TRAY app to manage and view POS data. This centralized system puts everything at their fingertips: POS transactions, real-time customer data, inventory, invoicing, digital signage content, and so much more.

How we integrate

The TRAY app is available as part of Raydiant’s large app library. The system requires a TRAY subscription and POS device of your choice, which you can run right from the Raydiant dashboard. The comprehensive Raydiant In-Location Experience Platform is a business management hub, where you can manage everything from your digital signage and background music to occupancy tracking and AR technology. Book a free demo today.