Government Digital Signage: A Smarter Way to Reach the Public

Keep your community and staff informed with interactive digital displays.

Whether you’re at the federal, state, or local level, government is about serving your community. Raydiant’s government digital signage helps by making your in-location displays more visually appealing, informative, and engaging. Courts, libraries, police and fire stations, military bases, and other government institutions and agencies can keep their on-screen messaging straightforward and impactful with bold visuals and dynamic HD videos. Plus, our system makes it easy to keep information up to date, so you can provide real-time information to the public and to government employees when and where they need it.

Better Communications = Better Workflow

Faster lines, fewer customer questions, and a quicker way to push a message to a roomful of people: digital signs made for governments can do it all. Use them to display interactive directories, live calendars and news feeds, daily dockets, emergency alerts, and other important public and community information. Giving the public immediate access to the information they need will free up your staff, keep lines moving, and leave the public with a positive experience.

Public-facing and back-office communications

Raydiant helps you communicate effectively with both the public and your staff. For the public, you can use it to display hours of operations, interactive maps, department contact information, daily schedules and events calendars, and important public health and safety information, among other things. Back-of-house displays can include team schedules, important reminders and safety protocols, emergency information, and more. Use Raydiant to upload or create graphics, videos, or other forms of media sure to call attention to important on-screen information.

Signage that’s always up to date

In the government, things change by the minute. Raydiant helps you stay on top of those changes with a platform you can update in real-time. Whether it’s a meeting time that’s been pushed back, an event cancelled at the last minute, or updated policies—make those changes with just a few clicks and your screens are instantly updated. Your community will come to count on you as a reliable source of information, building community trust and loyalty.

Remote management with digital signage for governments keeps things simple

You don’t have to be in the office to keep your signage fresh and updated. Raydiant’s secure cloud-based platform lets you manage one or several screens in one or more locations at the same time in your government facility. Our intuitive user interface is accessible from any device, which means you can upload, create, schedule, and update your screen content any time, any place.

How to Use Raydiant in Your Government Office

Interactive “information desks”

Let your Raydiant screens act as additional information desks, where the public can get important information at a glance. Staff directories, event schedules, information on public programs, and other info is made more impactful with colorful, dynamic visuals shown on big screens.

Wayfinding signs and directories

Immediately welcome and direct guests as they enter your doors. Digital wayfinding signs and directories catch attention faster than static signs—plus, they’re easier to update with the latest information. They also lessen confusion and frustration, and save your staff time, as they guide people where they want to go.

Policies, procedures, and alerts

Keep the public abreast of important changes to government policies, state legislature, and local ordinances with digital signs. With the ability to display live weather and news feeds, and to update signage in seconds, you can push real-time updates, breaking news, and emergency alerts straight to the public as they occur.

Why Government Entities Love Raydiant


Educates the public on policies, protocols, and procedures in a simple, easy-to-read format


Helps visitors navigate the office and get the information they need with less personnel


Informs the public of important services, programs, and upcoming events


Leads to shorter lines and better workflow by providing clear instructions to people waiting in line


The ability to update signs all at once, and remotely, saves time and money


Keeps staff and public up to date with live news feeds and emergency alerts


Syncs with Google calendar so that on-screen calendars are always up to date

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