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SOLUTIONS Retail Digital Signage

Retail Digital Signage.

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Increase sales by up to 33%


Inspire customers to make purchases.

Retail digital signage is attention-grabbing and showcases products in visually appealing ways, increasing the likelihood that customers will buy.


Provide customers with useful information.

Share product descriptions, customer reviews, and promotion details. Empower customers to feel confident with their purchasing decisions.


Keep customers engaged and build loyalty.

Increase dwell time and enable product discovery with dynamic digital signage content. Create a unique experience that keeps customers coming back.

Explore the versatility of retail digital signage

Simplify the checkout process with self-service kiosks.

Provide customers with an easy and convenient way to make purchases. Customers can use kiosks to browse and purchase products, pay for items, and even pick up items that they have ordered online. Kiosks minimize checkout lines and reduce staff overhead.

Personalize the customer experience with AI analytics.

Identify trends and patterns in order to develop more effective marketing and sales strategies. Use customer analytics to display targeted content to the right customers at the right time and boost sales. Gain real-time insights to optimize digital signage content.

Leverage lift and learn to increase sales and reduce staff overhead.

Automatically provide the customer with relevant information about products, such as features, benefits, and price. Motivate customers to make informed purchase decisions and reduce the need for in-store staff to assist customers with product inquiries.

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Design customized, on-brand displays that provide product information, encourage cross-selling, increase dwell time, and enable shoppers to discover new products. Leave customers with a lasting, branded impression of your brick-and-mortar.

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"These interactive displays engage our shoppers with the information they need to feel confident in their purchase, engage sales associates in the process and drive surprising sales lifts."
Scott Emmons
VP of Innovation, Neiman Marcus

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