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Why Restaurants Need the Robust TRAY POS Right Now

The power of the in-location customer experience is clear. An overwhelming 90% of customers say they’re more likely to return to a business after a positive in-location experience, and even spend more during their visit. And convenience was the second most important feature of a good in-location experience, after price. Restaurant industry experts point to new technologies for increasing customer convenience and back-end efficiency as one of the ways restaurants can stay competitive. Introducing the TRAY POS, now part of Raydiant’s robust restaurant digital signage platform.

Deliver a Superior Dine-In Customer Experience 

As COVID-19 wanes, people are ready to return to restaurants, with industry experts reporting that dining out is making a comeback. But diners today aren’t the same as they were pre-pandemic. Now, they want more convenience and more ordering options. Restaurants looking to stay competitive must respond with technology that meets these expanding needs. The TRAY POS system helps restaurants offer these customer conveniences in one easy-to-manage, centralized interface. 

The TRAY POS manages all of your business operations, from orders across end points to inventory to third-party delivery platforms. A more streamlined system means one that takes the kinks out of the customer experience, translating to shorter lines, quicker orders, and an overall more seamless visit. Integrated with Raydiant screens, the TRAY POS keeps your digital menu boards current with inventory, promotions, and seasonal fare. Run out of something or change a price? It’s automatically displayed on your digital menus—no need to keep tabs on them. With TRAY, you can also use Raydiant screens to display real-time order status updates, so customers know their order is coming up soon. And if they want to add a tip, redeem gift cards or loyalty points, or find out about upcoming promotions—the TRAY POS makes it possible—and easy. 

Keep Back-of-House Processes Running Smoothly 

Many restaurants are struggling with less staff, so technology that makes back-of-house processes easier and less time-intensive is crucial. The TRAY POS automates some of the most common restaurant processes, from tracking inventory to managing orders on multiple platforms. Its streamlined operation even paves the way for restaurants to more easily onboard third-party delivery platforms and other integrations that bring additional revenue. And the closed-loop system keeps everything running smoothly, including digital menus (menu boards, self-service kiosks, handheld and tabletop devices, etc.) that update automatically with POS transactions. TRAY makes it possible to switch out menu items, update pricing, collect customer data, offer time-sensitive promotions, and so much more—all instantaneously, and without putting a strain on staff. All of this functionality is available from one easy-to-manage platform. 

Automate Digital Menu Boards and Displays 

It’s well documented that digital menu boards are preferred by restaurant customers. They’re easier to read, offer more information, and engage customers with bold, animated imagery. Restaurant TV screens can easily be transformed into dynamic digital menu boards with Raydiant’s plug-and-play technology. Add TRAY POS technology to the mix, and you have digital menu boards that update instantly to reflect inventory changes, seasonal and limited-time promotions, and real-time orders and wait times. With Raydiant and TRAY, you can track customer behavior through POS transactions, use that data to create targeted offers, and create eye-catching signage that promotes it—all on one platform.

Display Real-time Order Statuses 

“Um, is the order for Anna ready yet?” This is a constant conversation your staff has to have with customers coming in to pick-up. Increase transparency around order statuses by broadcasting real-time updates from TRAY to your Raydiant-powered digital screens. 

Motivate your Back of House Staff with Gamified Contests

Motivate restaurant staff by offering gamified contests around limited time offers (LTOs) and other sales activity – connected directly to your TRAY POS data. Raydiant’s employee engagement platform for brick-and-mortar lets you create contests to track who sells the most of your LTO (Hawaiian pizza, anyone?), and offers a personalized recognition and reward platform to celebrate your winner at contest end.

Expand Business with Third-Party Integrations 

One recent survey found that delivery and takeout made up nearly one-third of restaurant revenue. If you don’t have the infrastructure or manpower to offer delivery in house, then third-party platforms like GrubHub and DoorDash are your best bet. Even so, many restaurants feel that managing these third-party services is a strain on their staff that they can’t afford. The TRAY POS removes this problem, offering an integration that allows third-party orders to import directly into the POS, and to your kitchen staff. This feature eliminates the need for you or your staff to manually input third-party orders, for better productivity and a smoother order management overall. A more streamlined order management powered by TRAY also means fewer dropped orders, cold meals, and bad online reviews. Think of Raydiant and TRAY as your personal sous chefs, maintaining order and keeping your kitchen running smoothly. 

Run it All from Any Device and Location 

The TRAY POS system was designed for the busy restaurateur. As a cloud-based system, TRAY can be accessed and remotely controlled from any device, whether you’re at home, at another restaurant location, or lounging poolside. Wherever you are, you get instant, secure access to all your most important metrics, from daily transactions to promotional sales to inventory count. Log in when and where you want to get real-time data and reports that give you insight into which promotions are working and which aren’t. And, since the TRAY POS is now part of the Raydiant platform, you can access it straight from your Raydiant dashboard—meaning you can control your POS, digital signage, background music, promotional screen content, and any of the popular tools on Raydiant’s app marketplace, including:

Tyme Self-Service Kiosks

These dynamic displays make self-ordering and checkout easy for you and your customers. Customize your self-service display to reflect your brand look and meet your customers' unique needs. Floor-standing and countertop kiosks are available, or you can use your Raydiant-enabled touchscreen as your kiosk.

Barvanna Streaming Sports, Games, and Entertainment

Entertain customers, attract more customers, and increase orders and dwell time with Barvanna. The Barvanna streaming network offers sports video clips, on-screen games, pub trivia, and other short-form content popular for bars, restaurants, and lounges. Barvanna offers an always fresh stream of entertainment to engage customers as they dine and wait for their orders.

Taphunter Beer Leaderboards

Appeal to all the beer lovers out there with lists of the best local and national beers, including their rankings and where to find them. Taphunter is the perfect pairing for restaurants, bars, and breweries that want to promote their own craft and local beers, and appeal to their beer-loving patrons.

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