Employee Engagement

Leverage live performance data to engage your teams and foster a high-performance culture.

Pull data from your existing tools and put your most critical KPIs on full display to increase accountability and celebrate your team’s progress.

Why Choose Raydiant to Engage Your Employees?

Built-In Live Gamification

Pull data from your favorite tools in real-time to gamify progress.

Performance Rewards Management

Offer a custom credit card-style rewards programs based on live performance data.

Instant Recognition

Celebrate wins and showcase progress with personalized breaking news.

Designed to Scale

Whether you have 100 or 100,000+ employees, we’ve got you covered.

Easy Setup on Any Device

Access the platform from any screen or device and get up and running within minutes.

How Our Customers Use Raydiant to Drive Employee Engagement

Our solutions are designed to be customizable based on your objectives but here are some of the ways you can leverage our employee engagement platform:


Motivate your team with sports-style leaderboards

Publicly display your most important KPIs to profile top performers, showcase progress, and foster a competitive culture.


Recognize and celebrate your teams wins in real-time

Deliver real-time recognition for individual and team wins and celebrate their great achievements.


Amplify competitive spirit with gamified challenges and contests

Drive performance across your teams with pre-built challenges to quickly roll out battles, tournaments, and races.


Bring fun to work with points, rewards, and perks

Reward performance and the right behaviors with the world's most comprehensive rewards platform.


Inspire remote team members

Deliver the same employee experience everywhere. Your team will stay connected and motivated.

Powered by the Raydiant Workplace Experience Platform™

Our purpose-built operating system is designed to help you create, manage, and scale workplace experiences.

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