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  • Easily add a Raydiant device
  • Reusable (decoupled) playlists
  • Default playlists
  • Scheduled (nested) playlists
  • Offline capability
  • Content library
  • Reusable content
  • Portrait/landscape device
  • Multi-screen publishing
  • Multi-screen playlist switching
  • Configurable screen resolution
Technology and Support
  • 99.5% Uptime SLA
  • Email and Ticketing Support
    $1290/year $129/month
    Advanced permissions, role based access, priority support.

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    Everything from Pro, plus:
    • Multiple users can access same screen
    • LDAP/Active Directory/oAuth support for customer's SSO
    • Role-based access and permissions control
    • Hierarchical content and screen management
    • Publish and add screen permissions
    • Device Tags
    • Touch Screen Support**
    Technology and Support
    • 99.9% Uptime SLA
    • Priority Support Line
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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Does Raydiant always require an Internet connection? What happens when the Internet goes out?

        Yes, as a cloud-based service, each Raydiant ScreenRay requires a connection to the Internet for management and to download content. However, recognizing that the Internet can go out from time-to-time, Raydiant does cache its content to allow content to continue playing in the event of a momentary data connectivity outage.

        Do I need to be on-site to control each display or can I manage screens remotely?

        As a cloud-based service, Raydiant allows users to manage content their ScreenRay devices from anywhere in the world, whether on-site or remotely.

        What types of TVs does Raydiant support?

        The Raydiant ScreenRay device can display on any HDMI-capable display device including TVs, monitors and even projectors.

        All Packages Include:


        Our online dashboard and device operating system offer industry-leading 99.9% uptime and allow you to easily manage and remotely update all of your devices.


        Transform any TV into a Digital sign in less than 5 minutes. Small yet powerful, we connect to any HDMI port.


        All the apps, storage, and templates you’ll need. Easily create digital menus, flyers and more for each device.

        Platform Partners Include:

        Menu management platform that automatically updates your menu content

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        Menu management platform that automatically updates your menu content

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        Premium content produced in minutes

        Learn more

        Interactive video conferencing

        Learn more
        TYLER S.
        CEO, Team Traction

        Super easy.
        Very informative.

        Once you've got your hardware assigned to a screen, which takes all of a minute, you are presented with a simple, clean, easy way to manage multiple screens and tons of content. The built-in tools for quick slideshows and things of the likes leave time on my plate to do other work. Finally, it's easy enough to use that I have my clients managing their content and not a single support call yet.

        JOHN I.
        Owner, Restaurants, 1-10 employees

        Great Attention-Getting Marketing

        We are reaching our customers in a way we haven't been able to before. Even if I get staff to engage with customers, it's usually on one thing. Now, as they are in the store, they are seeing our promotions, specials, new flavors, and products as well as learning about our loyalty program, fundraisers and birthday parties without having to be told.

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