Church Digital Signage: Let the Good Word
Shine in Glorious HD

The perfect digital signage platform for houses of prayer and worship.

Raydiant digital signage for churches helps houses of worship reach people’s hearts with bright, vivid displays. Create gorgeous signage to lead congregations in prayers and hymns, celebrate your community, and welcome newcomers—all with one, simple platform.

A Modern Way to Lead Your Congregation

Use your digital screens to help bring your congregation closer together. Raydiant can help you create and display beautiful presentations that celebrate scripture, the work of your organization, and the people in your community.

Raydiant for Houses of Worship: Group together.

Guides Services

Raydiant-enabled digital signage displays are one of the best ways to keep congregants on the same page. Choose from over 150,000 templates to create service schedules, showcase selected passages from holy texts, or display lyrics to hymns–all in big, bright, beautiful signage that even the folks in the back can read clearly. (No designer or divine intervention necessary.)

Celebrates Community

After faith itself, nothing is more important to a house of worship than the people inside its walls. Use Raydiant to showcase photos and videos of congregants, gatherings, and special events. Draw attention to the warmth and love your congregation provides to each other and the community around them with vibrant on-screen imagery.

Welcomes Newcomers

First impressions are important. Raydiant can help you make an immediate and lasting impact on the visitors and guests of your congregation. Welcome people with warm greetings, inspire them with photos and videos of happy, smiling congregants, and highlight the beauty of your building and its surroundings.

Provides Guidance

Raydiant’s digital signage tools help you guide your congregation, both in a practical and spiritual sense. Design highly visible wayfinding signage to help orient visitors and newcomers, post class and meeting schedules, and keep people informed of upcoming events. High foot-traffic areas in your house of worship are also excellent places to display thoughts for the day, inspiring passages, or messages of support during difficult times.

With our marketplace full of apps designed to help you keep your congregants engaged, Raydiant helps houses of worship tend to and grow their membership.

How Houses of Worship are Using Raydiant's Digital Signage to Help Them Thrive

Sanctuary Displays

Use displays at the front of your place of worship to lead congregants through prayers and hymns. With full HD support, words and lyrics shine big, bright, and crystal clear so everyone can read them. Is your house of worship too big for just one sign? Employ multiple, synchronized screens around the room to ensure that everyone can participate.

Entrance/Common Area Signage

While the worship happens in your sanctuary, the entrance and common areas are where you build community. Digital signage can help bring people together and on the same page by showcasing announcements, event calendars, and multimedia presentations that honor the congregation. Raydiant even supports full HD audio, allowing you to provide high-quality background music for gatherings and events.

Office Messaging

There’s also the side of houses of worship that most people don’t see—the back office. Your organization is complex and multi-faceted, and it needs a tool that helps you coordinate the everyday tasks of multiple people. Thankfully, Raydiant is one of the best tools on the market for providing intra-office signage. It allows you to give directives through bold displays, make task lists more visible, and keep things running on schedule with live on-screen calendars.

Why Houses of Worship Love Raydiant


Digital displays are fun and engaging for younger members and easy to read for older members.


Accessible from anywhere—for easy updates when you can’t be there in person.


Includes social media tools like Instagram, bringing an online presence to the offline world and encouraging people to like, add, follow, and share.


A truly plug-and-play solution: just unbox, plug in, connect to the screen via HDMI, and follow a few simple on-screen instructions. You’re ready to go in minutes.


Builds fellowship by encouraging engagement and fostering a sense of community with uplifting visuals.


Allows guest speakers to visit congregations remotely, with face-to-face contact and HD audio, using BlueJeans video conferencing.


Enables you to prominently display life-saving public health and safety information.

Raydiant for Houses of Worship: Digital display within hallway.

Are You Ready to Give Your Signage a Higher Calling?

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Praiseworthy Signage Helps This Church Connect with Their Congregation.

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