RaydiantTV: Brick-and-Mortar’s Cable-less Streaming Solution

Research shows that 82% of consumers are more likely to return to a physical establishment after a positive in-location experience. Thus, keeping customers engaged and entertained is essential to running an in-person business. Television is a universal form of entertainment across industries — think sports bars, doctors’ offices, beauty salons, gyms, and car dealerships. However, managing this content on multiple screens can be complicated and costly. 

RaydiantTV is a cloud-based, cable-less streaming solution that makes managing television content easier and more affordable. Broadcast semi-live content to multiple screens using one device, boost revenue through personalized advertising space, and keep customers entertained.

Why RaydiantTV?

RaydiantTV is the first ever TV streaming bundle for brick-and-mortar, meaning businesses can finally cut the cord from cable and local TV providers. “[Businesses] no longer need multiple cable boxes to broadcast sports and news content across dozens of digital screens,” said Bobby Marhamat, Raydiant’s CEO. This will reduce overhead and allow businesses to customize television content to a degree that wasn’t previously possible. 

Paired with the Raydiant Experience Platform, RaydiantTV will allow users to choose video content from a diverse library and seamlessly integrate their own media, such as ads or other promotional materials, into the mix. 

In restaurants, front-of-house staff can reclaim the time they would’ve spent flipping through channels at various screens and prioritize serving customers instead. Airports can entertain travelers at their gates while also sharing airport safety tips or country-specific travel guidelines. No matter the industry, RaydiantTV provides a streaming solution that benefits businesses.

Key Features


Currently, RaydiantTV comes with a selection of ten channels such as U.S. Sports, Bevs & Bites, Entertainment Insider, and Travel Escapes. Each channel hosts a variety of shows and programs. Video can stream continuously to display new content or on a repeating loop.


Choose how long to display a certain channel, whether it’s for a couple of minutes or several hours. Display weather in the morning, food programming in the afternoon, and sports in the evening. Create a playlist to customize these preferences, and let RaydiantTV handle the rest.

Mute Audio

Mute audio from the same device managing the screen’s content. Rather than go to each individual screen to mute, simply use the toggle in the app.


Customize content even further by selecting one of the themes available in the dropdown menu. Choose from different background colors that frame both horizontal and vertical media.

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Explore the potential of the RaydiantTV cable-less streaming solution to change your business. Enjoy an extensive and ever-expanding content library, reduce overhead, schedule personalized content, and improve the customer experience. Check out our marketplace today.