Easily Organize and Manage Signage Content with Nested Playlists 

Sep 14, 2021

Now there’s an easier way to manage your digital signage content and simplify your workflow. Introducing Raydiant’s new Nested Playlists feature, which allows you to organize your playlists—mixing, matching, and scheduling them to suit your everyday needs. Whether you’re a restaurant with a digital menu board, a retailer with promotions that change regularly, or any business that wants to manage their digital screens more efficiently, here’s why to be excited about this new feature. 

Your Playlists, Your Way

Create a hierarchy of content that makes sense to you and works with your business needs by nesting multiple playlists inside a parent playlist. Organizing content in this way creates “content blocks” that you can mix and match at will. With this powerful new feature, now available on the Raydiant dashboard, you can set and forget hours of screen content that play what and when you want it to. And when you need to make a change, your content is organized so that it’s easy to find and update.

How it works

As a real-world example of how nested playlists help you do business, let’s say you’re a restaurant. You use dayparting menus seven days a week, and use promotional and seasonal menus frequently. You use the Raydiant platform to manage both your digital menu boards and your restaurant signage. You have dozens of presentations (or pieces of content) uploaded to your Raydiant dashboard, and you’re just starting to organize them into playlists. The nested playlist function takes this organization a step further, letting you create playlists within playlists so you can create and run signage for every situation. 

For example, for your restaurant’s digital menu boards, you may already have a playlist for each dayparting menu. Now, under your “Breakfast” playlist, you can create and add to specific playlists within that parent playlist (a “Mother’s Day” breakfast playlist, a “Build Your Own Omelet Bar” playlist, a “Mimosa Brunch” playlist, etc.). Now you’re all ready for breakfast in any form, and can schedule those menus ahead of time—setting them to display at certain times. You can even set a start and stop time for that menu display, after which it will automatically return to the regular breakfast menu.

Streamlining Your Workflow

Automation is the key to streamlining your workflows, saving you time, and enhancing your productivity. In the digital signage space, nobody does this like Raydiant. And now, with our nested playlist feature, you’ll spend even less time managing your digital signage and more time growing your business. This functionality allows you to take a “one and done” approach to your signage, if you like—creating a hierarchy of nested playlists that play continuously without need of interference. It also gives you the option of creating multiple playlists, and playlists within playlist, each of which you can customize as you like. However you organize your content, and however (and whenever) you play it, the Raydiant platform makes it easy for you. 

Personalizing Your Screens

Today, the customer experience is all about personalization. What do nested playlists have to do with providing an in-location experience tailored to your customers? A lot, actually. The ability to nest playlists helps you display the right content on the right screens at the right time. For instance, if you’re a real estate agency with multiple screens, you might use your street-facing signage to run playlists showcasing your latest listings, with nested playlists that break up properties into specific locations. On your office screen, you might run a playlist that displays agent bios, interspersed with a nested playlist displaying your latest promotions. 

Updating Made Easy

Did you just 86 a menu item? Are those new kicks now on sale? Need to add a new immunity-boosting treatment to your spa menu? Any updates to your Raydiant screens can be made in minutes (and they go live in seconds), so you’re always on brand and on message. And since each playlist is centrally managed, any changes you make to it will update it across the platform (in every nested playlist where it resides). Raydiant’s cloud-based system makes this even more accessible, letting you manage your screens from work, home, or on the road. 

Scheduling Made Simple

Nested playlists make it easy to schedule content—even when it’s a mix of recurring and new. Maybe you have a few recurring playlists that you play every day or week without change. You may wish to intersperse those with temporary or time-sensitive playlists, like those for special promotions or limited-time offers. Nested playlists make this simple to schedule out. Just add your temporary playlist to the parent playlist of your choice. Then set it to either “join” the parent playlist (playing as part of that playlist sequence) or “override” the playlist temporarily (playing for a set time instead of the parent playlist). Your life—and your signage—just got a whole lot easier.

Managing Content Made Effortless

Organizing content for one screen is one thing, but for multiple screens (and multiple locations), it can get tricky. The Raydiant system is built for simplicity, and our customers love how easy it is to create, schedule, and update content, whether they have one screen or one hundred. The nested playlist feature gives you one more way to organize your content library, small or large. You can create different playlists for each screen or each location if it makes your life easier. And our Enterprise subscription even lets you set access levels and permissions, so that only authorized users can edit your playlists.

Raydiant: Digital Signage Done Right 

There’s a reason why over 3,000 top brands—from Bank of America to LinkedIn—trust Raydiant. Our digital signage platform is ranked #1 by customers because it’s a comprehensive system that’s also easy to use. We’re constantly updating our system so that it meets the evolving needs of today’s businesses—and their customers. From exciting new tools that elevate the customer and employee experience to added features that make our customers’ lives easier and more efficient, we’re always looking at what’s next. Learn more about our Customer Experience Platform or our Employee Experience Management Platform, or book a demo today.


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