Raydiant Receives Great Place to Work Certification

A Letter from our CEO

RE: Great Place to Work Certification

Dear Rays,

When I first started at Raydiant in 2019, I was amazed not only by the company’s product but the sheer enthusiasm of those building it. From sales and engineering to marketing and operations, the team worked in harmony. Each and every one of you contributed and collaborated in a way I had rarely seen before. I knew from the beginning that Raydiant was a great place to work, made possible by this amazing team. Companies come and go; a truly great one, though, leaves a lasting impression on its employees, not just the marketplace.

This week, Raydiant received the Great Place to Work® certification. One thing that stood out to me was that 95% of employees at Raydiant said it is a great place to work (compare that to just 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company). While this recognition humbles me, I know the Raydiant Rays with whom I work every day are so deserved of this honor. 

The world is changing, and every one of you rose to the occasion with the same vigor and enthusiasm I so seldom see nowadays.

Our mission is our barometer, while our beliefs and ideals drive our goals:

  • A stellar in-location experience is the litmus test for business success.

  • A unique in-store experience no matter what business they step inside of.

  • Employees crave better communication and collaboration with their team, enforcing a more robust company culture in the workplace.

But whether it’s customers or employees, our mission remains the same: to create amazing experiences for people everywhere they go – and that mission should be no different outside of our own company walls. Every day, we aim to create an exciting, engaging workplace culture, our team’s happiness, recognition, and well-being top of mind. This has been a long time coming. Today, I’m beyond thrilled to share this recognition with all of you.

To list out our accomplishments would lack the brevity you seek in me and do little justice to paint the picture of everything we’ve achieved.

I will say this, I’m proud:

But grasping and executing our solution would never have been possible if we weren’t willing to create the same solution across our company culture.

As CEO, my promise to our customers is that they’ll always have the best version of the Raydiant platform at their fingertips. And my promise to our employees is that I will work tirelessly to help create the most engaging workplace, refusing to compromise when it comes to employee well-being.

The Great Place to Work® certification is evidence of the culture we set out to create. I’m excited to continue innovating together for years to come. It’s my privilege to share this great news and my honor to work with all of you. To all the Rays of Raydiant, you made this accomplishment happen, and for that, I am most grateful.


Bobby Marhamat

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