5 Digital Signage Apps Guaranteed To Entertain Customers

Providing in-location entertainment is an excellent way to get customers to spend longer in your business and strike a lasting connection.

From lessening customers’ perceived wait times in queues to lightening their moods when sitting in a waiting room, customers enjoy having a smile on their faces and appreciate when businesses go that extra mile to improve their experiences. 

While looking for various entertainment sources can seem time intensive, it isn’t a large undertaking when using Raydiant’s experience platform, which connects your in-location signage to a marketplace of over 100+ apps giving you access to an entire entertainment suite at your fingertips. From positive news feeds to music apps that bring your premises to life or stunning drone footage that wows, you will have an infinite supply of entertainment sources to suit every audience. 

To give you some insight and inspiration, let’s explore the 5 must-have digital signage apps guaranteed to create an engaging in-location experience. 

Soundtrack Your Brand

“Customers spend around 42% more time in the store when any kind of music plays.”


This app is perfect for bringing your business to life and creating the best soundtrack for customers to remember your brand. Instead of playing random tracks on loop, create a playlist that reflects the atmosphere of your business or select one definitive sound from a library of tracks from over 380 record labels. Help your customers get into the groove of your business and increase dwell times. 


‘‘Customers are likely to spend 140% more after a positive experience.’’


Inject positivity into your customer’s day with a dose of morale-boosting news that is entertaining, fun, and inspiring. The Goodable app uses machine learning technology to remove negative news. Instead, Goodable only displays content that is wholesome, calming, and ranked with a high happiness score. Think heartwarming animal videos and charitable deeds. Play good news across your on-premise screens for an instant uplift in your customer’s mood and your bottom line.



Transform your premises with stunning 4k visuals displaying drone footage of landmarks, tranquil nature scenes, countries, and more. Draw customers in and make them feel at ease when visiting your business. Display in hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, changing rooms, or anywhere where customers have time to burn and can get lost in the wondrous footage. 


“If you enrich a space, people feel much happier; a very good way of doing this is by using art.” –  Dr. Craig Knight, professor of phycology. 


Provide edutainment and stream world-famous, mood-based art on your brick-and-mortar digital signage displays. ArtPlayer makes it easy for companies to create the right atmosphere in their space using thousands of digital art prints in every genre from artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, and more. Select the mood of the day and let the AI work its magic.


“Companies that focus on retaining their customers record up to 60% more profits than their competitors.”


Bring non-stop fun to your customers using Barvanna. The entertainment network lets users stream games and sports. This app is designed to improve customer engagement and sales for restaurants, bars, and other public-facing businesses. Barvanna offers short-form content such as; fast-paced sports videos, trivia questions, on-screen games, and conversation starters as a way for businesses to captivate their in-location customers. Create a space your customers never want to leave and increase customer loyalty.    


Start making the most of your digital assets using Raydiant’s customer experience platform and cover all your entertainment needs to set yourself apart from the competition. 

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