AirVūz, the world’s leading drone video platform, transforms television screens with stunning 4k video footage. AirVūz is the world’s leading drone video and photography sharing platform. Creators include the world’s best professional aerial videographers and top drone pilots on earth. Brick-and-mortar business owners can stream thousands of stunning 4k drone videos on their television screens to elevate physical spaces and improve customer experience. AirVūz offers browsable collections of drone footage segmented by places and topics like nature, travel, or action sports. With thousands of drone videos available for streaming, the AirVūz video collection is truly first in class. Additionally, streaming Airvuz video content also allows for the option to play stock music. Streaming breathtaking AirVūz drone and aerial video footage on television screens will enhance waiting areas, lobbies, retail storefronts, restaurants, bars, gyms, healthcare spaces, offices, and other brick-and-mortar business locations. AirVūz’s stunning collection of 4k drone video content helps brick-and-mortar businesses transform their television screens to delight customers.

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  • Transform Your Television Screens

    AirVūz’s drone video collection is amongst the largest and most diverse in the world.

    Streaming gorgeous aerial video content from the AirVūz collection on television screens in retail stores, restaurants, offices, gyms, healthcare spaces, and more enhances the customer experience.

    Transform waiting areas, lobbies, and television screens with AirVūz footage.

  • Elevate Your Brand

    AirVūz’s extensive collection of top quality aerial video footage makes it seamless for brick-and-mortar business owners to find and stream any kind of video.

    Plus, AirVūz offers easily browsable collections of drone footage, segmented by locales and topics. This shortens the time it takes to find the perfect, on-brand video to stream.

    Streaming stunning 4k AirVūz drone videos on your television screens elevates your entire brand and location.


When you purchase a Raydiant subscription, you also purchase a subscription to AirVūz. (AirVūz costs $9 / screen every month)

With AirVūz, you can transform your television screens by streaming the highest quality 4k drone and aerial video footage. With Raydiant, you can also share additional content on any screen in-location.

Together, Raydiant and AirVūz will transform your signage, elevate your brand, and enhance your brick-and-mortar location.


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