Our Partnership with TimeWellScheduled Just Made Internal Comms a Whole Lot More Impactful

We’ve recently teamed up with employee management provider TimeWellScheduled (TWS) to amplify internal communication and offer a whole new level of employee communication to businesses everywhere. 

An Endemic of Poor Workplace Communication

According to a Gallup poll, a record number of employees—74%, to be exact—feel like they’re missing out on important updates due to poor internal communication. Add to that the finding that 33% of employees cite lack of open communication as the top contributor to poor workplace morale, and you see the problem. Raydiant and TWS are joining forces to turn this trend around through a more streamlined, employee-friendly approach to workplace comms. 

How Raydiant and TWS Change the Game

As a business owner, manager, or team leader, it can be tough to keep track of several employees, not to mention attendance, shift schedules and changes, payroll, and more for each of them. TWS has the tools you need for all of it—in one, central system. Add Raydiant digital signage to the mix, and you have a system where you can access, update, and display employee comms and updates on TVs in your shared workspaces. Retailers: make sure you and your team always have access to the latest work schedule, and know who’s on the floor at any given time. Restaurants: display shift changes as they happen with your back-of-house signage. No more unwelcome surprises, missed shifts, or short-staffed days. 

How the Integration Works

Raydiant customers will need a TWS subscription to access their employee management system. Once set up, you can easily access and manage TWS software, and any of their (optional) connected devices, through the Raydiant dashboard. You can then use Raydiant-enabled screens to push real-time TWS data and employee announcements to your workplace TVs. Prominently display work schedules, announcements, company news, employee reminders, and more on large screens for an impactful, high-visual way to communicate with your workers in real time.

The TimeWellScheduled Tools Breakdown

Time and attendance tracking. Save thousands on time theft and human errors due to manual time calculations. Significantly reduce the number of hours you spend processing time and attendance reports. TWS automates it all, and centralizes it for you in one easy-to-use platform. 

Scheduling. Create and update your work schedules and shifts in less time. TWS automates everything so you can drag and drop and copy schedules, make one-time or recurring changes in seconds, and drastically reduce the time and stress it takes to cover and trade shifts. 

Time cards. TMS makes getting time card reviews and approvals so much easier. You choose what employees need their time cards reviewed, by whom, and by what date. The software does the rest for you, delegating the approval process to the right person. The system even lets you set it to automatically approve a time card with an exception (such as an early or late punch in) during a specific grace period. 

Punch clocks. See who’s clocked in, who’s missing, who’s always on time, and who isn’t. Use a swipe card, code, or facial recognition for easy punches in and out. TWS punch clocks make the process simple for employees, and attendance data more transparent for managers and business leaders. 

Payroll. Turn payroll from a manual data entry nightmare to accessing important data in just a few clicks. No more spending hours manually entering time card info—TWS does it all for you with its automated software system. 

Alerts. Get instant alerts via email or SMS when a time punch is late, someone has missed their shift, or any other important updates. Anything you need to  know relating to employee time tracking and attendance is right at your fingertips in real time. 

Employee portal. TWS even has a place for employees, where they can check their schedule, track messages, and ask for time off. The software lets you set up a detailed profile for each employee, where you can access specific employment information, notes, and more. Say goodbye to hunting down mis-filed folders and vacation request forms that get lost on your desk. 

Work-from-home solutions. Whether you have remote workers regularly or just during COVID, offer a WFH punch clock where workers can use geofencing technology to “clock in” using the TWS system. You can also use TWS technology to track when and where your employees are working while they’re clocked in. 

Raydiant’s Eye-Catching Signage for Businesses

From retailers and restaurants to offices around the nation (and world!), Raydiant digital signage has had an impact. Businesses have seen their sales improve, their foot traffic increase, and their customer experience soar from dynamic digital screens and menu boards that catch the eye with bold messaging, imagery, and videos. Employees love it because it keeps them in the loop with important company news and announcements, and at-a-glance reminders. 

Here is some of the feedback we’ve received from businesses using Raydiant:

“Raydiant really streamlined everything and gave us better functionality. It’s great to have the convenience of a web-based platform, where you can easily access and update screens from anywhere.”

Dylan McQuiston, Creative Brand Manager of Carlino’s Market

“[Raydiant screens] dramatically improve our customer experience by helping to educate our customers on their buying options.”

Meredith McGee, Creative Director at True Glory Hair

“Raydiant helps us create memorable customer experiences, like celebrating jackpot winners with vibrant on-screen messages.”

Jacqueline Jackson, Special Events Manager at Treasure Island Hotel & Casino

“Is Raydiant useful? Does it affect change quickly, benefiting both the restaurant and customer? Is it worth the price? The answer to all of these questions is ‘YES!’ I wish I’d had this platform 10 years ago!”

Miguel Norat, Owner at Matt’s Latin BBQ

“Raydiant changed my life. I used to have to go to our different locations at least 2-4 times each week to update or fix the screens, but now I can use that time to do more for our business.”

Jason Dougherty, COO of Tasty’s Fresh Burgers

Let Raydiant and TWS Help You Run Your Business.

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