Raydiant’s Clover Integration: How a Smart POS Means Smart Business

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with our friends at Clover. Their all-in-one POS offers one, smart system to run all parts of your business. This functionality is especially important for restaurants, who are now able to manage everything from their dine-in and dine-out services to their inventory management and online orders. Here’s why, as a Raydiant restaurant customer, you want the Clover POS system to power your business.

It’s Easy to Onboard and User Friendly 

Forget about clunky hardware and complicated software that requires tons of downtime for training. The Clover POS is up and running in a matter of minutes, and its intuitive system is easy to navigate and understand. Not only is it user friendly for your staff, but your customers will appreciate its simple, easy-to-understand format when they place their order or make a payment.

It Keeps Everything Updated in Real Time 

As a smart system where all components talk to one another, Clover keeps all parts of your business management transparent. From inventory to online sales, curbside orders and mobile orders and payments—you can run everything from this centralized POS system. Want to hear something cool? The Clover POS integrates with Raydiant’s digital signage, so your digital menu boards automatically update along with the POS. Say, for example, you decide to nix a menu item or product, or run out of inventory on something? Your digital menu boards instantly update by deleting the item so your customers are none the wiser. Same goes for adding a new product, service, or dish—your digital signs display those items as soon as the POS updates. Talk about smart signage!

It Powers Everything from Dine-In to Dine-Out 

Though Raydiant’s Clover POS is a must-have integration from any type of business, restaurants see many benefits from this versatile tool. For instance, you can use the Clover POS from within the Raydiant platform to power table-order service, contactless kiosks, drive-thru menu boards, third-party delivery services (Uber Eats, etc.), online and mobile orders, and so much more. Wherever your customers are interacting with you, the Clover POS makes sure you have what you need to take care of them. Even food trucks and mobile businesses benefit from Clover’s flexible system, which offers everything from table kiosks to tablets to hand-held devices.

It Simplifies Your Back-of-House Processes 

Manage staff shifts and schedules, loyalty programs, inventory, and so much more from the Clover POS. This integrated system isn’t just impressive for your front-of-house services, but it also automates many back-of-house processes that waste time and are redundant. With Clover, you can automatically update digital signs and menus, offer and accept gift cards, launch and promote specials and deals, and even sync with services like Yelp, MailChimp, and QuickBooks for ease of use. 

It Helps You Forecast for Your Business

In today’s world, data is everything. For business, customer data is the holy grail—it helps you plan your marketing efforts and forecast business growth based on projected customer behavior. The Clover POS keeps track of day-to-day accounting, providing sales reports that give you insights into your customers’ buying habits. The best part is that since the Clover system integrates data from all parts of the system, you get a complete view of how your business is doing as a whole, and not just by the location or payment kiosk. On the Clover dashboard, you can easily create data easy-to-read sales reports that help you forecast sales and manage cash flow. 

It Comes with an App Customers Love

The Clover app is free to businesses who use Clover, and it comes with tons of benefits. For one, it helps you offer customer convenience: they can order ahead and make payments on the app. And since the stats show that customers love using the Clover app, they are more likely to use it again—meaning more repeat business for you. Your customers can also easily access their rewards program and offer feedback and reviews—all from the convenience of their smartphone. They’re also more likely to see and interact with your promos, meaning more money in your pocket.

It Can Be Managed From Anywhere 

As a business owner or manager, who has the time to jump in the car and visit each location to make sure everything is in order? The Clover POS and the Raydiant platform are both cloud-based systems, meaning they are managed in a secure cloud. So instead of being at your physical location, you can check your orders, update your menus, and manage everything from your table-top kiosks to your inventory from home, work, or on the road. All you need is internet access, and you can manage it all from a tablet, smartphone, desktop PC, or all of the above. 

It’s Completely Customizable

You can customize the Clover POS to meet the needs of your business. Use it with the devices you need, adding apps and accessories based on your business. We know today’s business needs aren’t necessarily tomorrow’s, and both Clover and Raydiant are systems that scale with your business, whether you have one or 1,000 locations. Plus, you may not be ready to offer services like curbside and online orders—no problem. Clover lets you add what you need when the time is right, with a system that’s all ready to go when you are.

It’s the Perfect Complement to Raydiant’s Experience Platform 

Why did we choose to partner with Clover? The same reason you’ll want to use Clover as part of the Raydiant system—it just makes sense. Together, the two systems offer businesses everything they need to elevate their customer experience and grow their business. Both systems are designed to make things easier for you as a business owner—digital menu boards that sync with your POS so they’re always up to date, a POS that lets you know what each part is doing, and one that grows with your business. Offered as part of Raydiant’s app marketplace, using Clover with Raydiant requires a subscription to both platforms. Learn more about the Clover POS.

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