Raydiant Partners with Captivate

5 Ways Our New Captivate App Maximizes Your Digital Signage Reach

Our recent partnership with digital network provider Captivate has expanded Raydiant’s digital content offerings for all our customers, regardless of industry. From upscale, multi-family residences to banks to hotels to office buildings, Captivate helps you build your community through stronger, more accessible communication. Using the Captivate app from the Raydiant dashboard, you can turn the Raydiant-enabled screens in your shared areas into communication portals to reach your tenants, workers, and guests. Here are the top five benefits of using Captivate to speak to your community.

Makes Tenant Communication More Effective

If you’re a property manager or building owner, you know how hard it is to maintain good, consistent communication with tenants. Juggling communication across channels and locations is challenging, to say the least. Captivate takes the burden of overly complicated communication off your shoulders—and puts your most important community messages on digital displays in high-traffic areas, so all your tenants get a chance to read them. At best, these eye-catching digital screens function as secondary communication, and visual reminders, for emails and other personalized communication. At worst, even if a tenant doesn’t keep up on their emails or texts, they are likely to see a digital sign in your lobby or on their way to the community pool.

Aside from the fundamentals of tenant communication—like reminding them the pool is closed for repairs or there’s a new community cooking class to try—tenants are more likely to read and respond to dynamic displays than static. In fact, digital signs have a recall rate of 83%, and capture 400% more views than standard displays. Together, Raydiant and Captivate offer all the tools you need to capture the attention of your tenants. 

Improves Employee Engagement

Never before has employee communication and engagement been so critical. Ironically, the more communication channels we have, the more complicated our workplace communication can get. Raydiant’s Captivate content cuts through the noise by offering workplace digital screens as touch points, where your employees can receive visual reminders of important company news and announcements. What’s more impactful: an email that sits in an employee’s inbox, or a vivid, colorful digital sign they can read at their leisure as they walk into the lobby or on their elevator ride to the office? The answer—like the message itself—is simple and straightforward.

With Captivate on your Raydiant screens, you can remind employees of important work events, keep them abreast of the breaking news in your field through live news feeds, and so much more. As the pandemic wanes, you can even use Raydiant’s Captivate content to welcome employees back to the office and remind them of important public health protocols, like washing their hands frequently and not coming to work when sick.

Elevates Your Guest Experience

As hotels and hospitality spaces compete with who can offer the best guest experience, concierge services are becoming the norm. Digital signage—specifically the kind that’s curated to specific audiences, like hotel guests—is part of this level of personalized service. We can’t be everywhere at once, but our digital signs can. Placing Raydiant screens with Captivate content in your lobby and entryway is an effective way to welcome guests and offer at-a-glance updates on local news, weather, flight info, and entertainment to keep them entertained as they wait for their room or rest between activities. Digital screens in other high-traffic areas—like your elevators, hallways, and event rooms—get guests excited about the luxury amenities you offer.

Have an important announcement to make last minute? Need to update your Captivate content? Easily update your on-screen content from within the Captivate app via Raydiant’s cloud-based system—meaning you can make those changes on your desktop, tablet, or phone, and from anywhere on, or off, the premises.

Offers Content Curated for Your Community

Each community is unique, so their content should reflect that. Captivate curates content based on your feedback, so what’s displayed on your digital screens is always on-message and on-brand. Is your community an upscale residency building? Your content might reflect that by advertising your luxury amenities or reassuring tenants by communicating your security and safety measures. Is yours an office building in the financial district of a large city? Your Captivate content might include real-time headlines from Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal.

Captivate partners with trusted global and local news and content providers, and their editorial team hand selects each story to include in the Captivate network, for an array of relevant content for all different viewers.

Customizes Your Messaging as Needed

Captivate isn’t a one-size-fits-all content platform—it’s customizable to your brand and to your audience. The system allows you to promote corporate branding, including logos and custom colors, in your on-screen content. You can even control the design of time and weather feeds, including customizing them with your company colors, displaying your building address, and showcasing your logo as part of the display. On a more macro level, you can customize your digital content by pulling news feeds from one publication over another (choose from AP, The Muse, the Wall Street Journal, Billboard, and more).

Want to create a customized display? Captivate offers easy-to-use templates and provides simple training tools to help you design your digital screens quickly and elegantly. And since you’re using Captivate as part of Raydiant’s In-Location Experience Platform, you also get access to Raydiant’s large app library, which includes other easy design tools for you to choose from—and the more options you have, the better your signage will be!

Why Raydiant Remains the Top Digital Signage Pick

There’s a reason that Raydiant is the #1 digital signage platform on customer tech review sites like Capterra and G2. Our 5-star reviews derive from the fact that we don’t just offer digital signage: we make unique and memorable experiences that attract and engage. Our large app library includes some of the top apps on the market—and it’s growing every day. Through our multipurpose platform, we offer so much more than digital signage: we give our customers the tools they need to connect with customers and employees in more meaningful ways. Want to see what we mean?

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