Raydiant acquires Sightcorp to reinvent the future of AI-based in-location analytics

A Letter from the CEOs

Dear Customers, Teammates, Partners, and Friends,

We are very excited to announce our recent acquisition of Sightcorp, revolutionizing the way brands interact with customers in-location through AI-powered analytics.

To survive and thrive in the future of brick and mortar, brands must deliver a seamless in-location customer experience that’s convenient, digital, and personalized; yet many are held back by the complexities and high price point of achieving these goals. We’ve built Raydiant from the ground up to help solve these pain points and are thrilled to add Sightcorp’s proprietary technology into our product offerings, creating an unparalleled tool to serve the evolving needs of brands, customers, and employees worldwide.

With Sightcorp’s AI-powered analytics software, Raydiant’s experience management platform will provide anonymous in-store screen engagement analytics to help brands increase sales and deliver optimized content while maintaining consumer privacy. Sightcorp is an AI spin-off from the University of Amsterdam and with this acquisition, we are very excited to continue investing big in research and development to create smart and innovative solutions that our customers can use to seamlessly deliver compelling and valuable content to their target audiences.

This exciting announcement wouldn’t be possible without all of your support. So, both of us would like to say thank you to our teams who’ve worked tirelessly to make this happen. And to you—Raydiant customers—thank you for supporting us with your dreams of transforming your in-location experience and empowering us to help you scale.

It’s taken a lot of thought, work, and collaboration to make this exciting news happen—so thank you all!

Bobby Marhamat
CEO of Raydiant

Joyce Caradonna
Former CEO of Sightcorp
Head of EMEA, Raydiant