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Provide unique customer experiences with AI technology.

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Deliver personalized content.


Optimize the shopping experience

Customers spend 40% more with a highly personalized shopping experience


Improve future campaigns

50% of companies using customer analytics saw a marked increase in revenue


Increase your bottom line

Compare customer analytics with sales data to measure content performance and effectiveness

Let AI do the heavy lifting.


Be strategic in your digital signage placement.

Opt for high visibility placement in your brick-and-mortar, whether next to product displays, at aisle endcaps, or near the entrance.


Measure metrics and deliver personalized content.

Identify metrics such as age and gender. Automatically trigger targeted content for the appropriate audience.


See what’s working.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your content based on customers’ reactions, measured through mood, attention times, and influence on customer action.


Turn insights into profits.

Learn what content resonates with customers and influences them to buy, and leverage that knowledge to create effective campaigns.

Raydiant Eat

Serve up suggestions, combos, and add-ons customers can’t resist. Keep track of how many people are in your space throughout the day and predict traffic during the lunch or dinner rush. Measure customers’ reactions to displays to determine the effectiveness of content on customer behavior.

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Raydiant Shop

Create personalized displays that target customers based on demographic information. Provide content that informs, encourages cross-selling, increases dwell time, and enables shoppers to discover new products. Optimize content placement for high foot traffic areas.

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Raydiant Go

Monitor foot traffic in your high-occupancy space, and display personalized content and promotions. Tempt hotel guests with room upgrades, or get travelers to stop by your food court before takeoff. Encourage casino patrons to stay, and entice gym and spa members with self-care package deals.

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Raydiant Create

Push promotions that are relevant to each person who walks through your doors. Recommend local businesses on your university campus, advertise a new rewards card at your bank, announce details for town hall meetings in your municipal office, or provide vaccine information in your clinic.

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Tap into the future of brick-and-mortar.

Learn from industry experts through consumer trend reports, market research and conversations with leaders at the forefront.