Raydiant and Poly Partner, For a Digital Communication Tool That Takes Virtual Meetings to the Next Level

When we think of working in 2020 and 2021, we likely think of Zoom meetings. The video platform made it possible for us to connect to our workmates, clients, and colleagues right from our kitchen table during an unprecedented global pandemic.

Fast forward to 2022, and we’re still dealing with the fallout from COVID, but we’re having to get a little more savvy with our tech tools to compete in an increasingly remote and hybrid workforce. Enter Raydiant and Poly, a tech match made in virtual heaven. Our newest partnership brings Poly’s video conferencing solutions—from all-in-one systems to Poly headsets, cameras, speakers, mics, and other hardware—together with Raydiant’s engaging digital signage for workplaces. Here’s how this integration meets the needs of today’s virtual workspace.

A Digital Communication Tool That Brings Teams Together

An increase in remote workers and hybrid workplaces mean that digital communication and collaboration tools are no longer icing on the cake—they’re a necessity. Video conferencing is often the only “face-to-face” these workers get with the team, which means it’s your only opportunity to ensure these workers feel part of a larger work culture. Poly video conferencing tools are designed to mimic in-person meetings as closely as possible, including giving us clear eyes and ears on facial expressions, vocal intonations, and all the little things that spark connections. With 54% of remote workers reporting that they feel left out and disconnected from their in-office workmates, digital communication tools can be the bridge that connects them.

Poly Video Conferencing with Premium Video and Audio Quality

From pixelating screens to audio lag time to the shrill interruption of barking dogs, there are many things that can get in the way of a productive video meeting. Poly video conferencing tools anticipate them all by offering HD and 4K video, premium audio, and even AI-powered noise reduction technology that filters out interruptions. It doesn’t matter what video service you use—Poly integrates with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other popular platforms, so you still connect the way you’re used to, only now with a heightened audio and video experience. This includes best-in-class features like speaker tracking and video group framing, for a better virtual group meeting focused on the faces and voices that are part of the conversation.

Plug-and-Play Digital Signage and Setup That Saves Time

We seem to have less time in our work days than ever, so why are we still wasting a lot of it on complicated conference room setups? From networks that don’t connect to TV screens with tons of wires, legacy conference room set ups are nothing more than time wasters. Poly installs and sets up in seconds. You can either connect your Poly hardware to your PC or Mac via a USB, or simply connect wirelessly.

Raydiant’s setup is simple too—our plug-and-play workplace digital signage system is just that: simply plug our ScreenRay device into the HDMI port on your conference room TV, and that’s it.

Raydiant Picks Up Where Poly Leaves Off

Now you can use your Raydiant-enabled screen as workplace digital signage that conveys important and inspirational messages to your teammates during meeting downtime and between video conferencing sessions. This is the type of at-a-glance internal communication that they can’t ignore, unlike emails and direct messages. Simply log into Raydiant’s cloud-based system from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and start creating internal messages with one of the apps from our large app marketplace. From PosterMyWall’s designer poster templates and easy design tools to workplace contest results and data from our performance management and gaming platform Hoopla by Raydiant, keep your team amped and in the know with the latest info.

Workplace Signage for a Better Employee Experience

Elevating the employee experience is key to better productivity and talent retention. So, what, exactly, do employees want? Research suggests that more, and clearer, communication with managers and co-workers is at the top of the list. For this reason, we’ve created our Employee Experience Management Platform, to help businesses create a more engaging, productive, and pleasant workplace experience. Part of this platform is workplace digital signage, which transforms office TV screens into communication and collaboration hubs, where workers can go to get at-a-glance news, announcements, and reminders. From meeting visuals to wayfinding signs to data displays, your Raydiant-enabled office screens are always working for you, keeping employees and visitors engaged and in the know.

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Raydiant and Poly Connect Teams Through Better Tech

The pandemic is officially over—we’re talking about the pandemic of poor communication. Raydiant and Poly’s partnership means the end of fuzzy video, lagging audio, and a team left in the dark about important company developments. Together, Raydiant and Poly are two workplace solution providers that make virtual meetings and internal communications more meaningful. Connect your team, and your workplace—in-office, virtual, or hybrid—with this exciting new integration. To learn more about this partnership, visit our Poly partner page.

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