Image Recognition Software

What is Image Recognition Software?

An image recognition software is a computer program that can identify objects, people, places, writing, and actions in images or video. The technology is used in many applications and is the creation of a neural network that processes all the pixels that make up an image. These networks are fed with large amounts of images of objects, already identified, so that the network can learn and recognize similar objects.

How does Image Recognition Software work?

Image recognition software is able to do exactly that, recognize images, because it is trained to do so through artificial intelligence (AI). For example, an AI would be shown thousands of images with faces. The AI would then process these images and learn what images of faces should contain. If the AI were to be shown an image of a shoe, it would compare all the pixels in the image containing a shoe with all the images of faces it has seen. As a result, it will find no matches and recognize the object as a shoe instead of a face.

The process uses an image recognition algorithm, also known as an image classifier, that takes an image as input and outputs what the image contains. For an algorithm to know what an image contains, it has to be trained to learn the differences between classes.

Image Recognition software for companies

With image recognition technology, manufacturers and retailers can now understand the marketplace and react in real-time. Using image recognition software, companies can do auditing with high levels of accuracy and audit time dramatically reduced.

In the retail world, image recognition software analyzes the image or video capture of any product on the shelf and is able to differentiate between the small design changes in brands, sub-brands and stock-keeping units (SKUs). This means that with image recognition, companies have accurate and reliable data on distribution, know which items are out of stock and the share of products within the category as well as a wealth of other actionable insights at their fingertips.

Another use case examples of image recognition software is the following:

Autonomous vehicles – using computer vision and image recognition these vehicles can identify pedestrians, road signs, and other vehicles

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