How to Create an “Experience” with Raydiant

Raydiant provides more than digital signage—we create experiences. Our solar system of apps and partner services allow you to set the mood, share your brand, connect with customers and employees, and much, much more. The following are just a few of the ways to create a one-of-a-kind experience by using Raydiant in your restaurant, retail store, or business.

Create branded content with PosterMyWall

Our partnership with PosterMyWall allows Raydiant users to create posters and videos with this sophisticated content editor. The PosterMyWall app includes thousands of HD and 4K stock photos and video templates to choose from. You can also use your own media to create, edit, and display branded content, which can then be displayed on your TV screens using Raydiant technology. Designing your own content with PosterMyWall is both simple and fun. Create digital menu boards, promotional posters, brand story videos, and more with this easy-to-use app.

Get social: Showcase gorgeous images and boost promotions with Instagram 

Businesses including restaurants, hotels, and retail stores are increasingly using Instagram as part of their digital signage strategy. How does this work? With Raydiant, you can display your most appealing Instagram photos and videos on your in-house TV screens. Use Instagram and Raydiant together to market your brand, promote new and seasonal products and services, and attract customers with your high-res displays. 

Not only can you display your own content, but you can pull from user-generated content to show happy customers enjoying your products and services. You can also set up your Raydiant display to pull content from branded hashtags as well as any social media campaigns you are currently running. Whether it’s a limited time sale, a special event, or a new product, you can boost its visibility by using Instagram with Raydiant for vibrant digital displays.

Set the mood: stream on-brand music with Soundtrack Your Brand

Raydiant uses the Soundtrack Your Brand app to create and play playlists from a library of over 50 million songs. You can also display album art and visuals from a library of over 380 images. Create as many playlists as you like, and even schedule soundtracks to start playing at set times. Don’t know what songs to include in your playlist? Simply choose what mood you wish to set, and the Soundtrack Your Brand app will select the songs for you. And since soundtracks are updated weekly, there’s no chance of repetitive playlists boring your customers (or your employees).

Many studies have shown the influence of background music on customers’ purchasing behaviors. The proven benefits of playing music for your customers with Soundtrack Your Brand include slowing their browsing pace, giving them the perception of a shorter waiting time, and even encouraging impulse buys. Plus, it simply allows you to control the mood and add to the ambiance you are creating—whether it’s an intimate dining experience or an energetic vibe for younger shoppers.

Create attention-grabbing digital menus with our Menus app

Raydiant technology allows you to upgrade your restaurant’s menu boards from boring to dynamic digital displays. Create, edit, and update visually stunning menus for display on your restaurant TV screens. Choose from images, animations, videos, and other exciting and interactive content that will all add to an unforgettable first impression for your customers. Studies have shown an average revenue increase of 3%-5% with digital menu boards. Restaurants who use Raydiant love the technology, as it allows them to instantly update their menus, promote new and seasonal dishes, and schedule dayparting menus easily. If design isn't your strong suit, Raydiant also provides digital signage design services for your convenience.

Connect to UberEats, DoorDash, and more: Instantly update your menu on all the major ordering apps with SinglePlatform

Raydiant offers the SinglePlatform app to our restaurant customers, allowing them to easily and automatically update their menus on all the major apps—all from one dashboard. GrubHub, UberEats, Door Dash, Eat24, your own website—wherever your menu appears, you can instantly update it using this time-saving app. Want to experiment with a new menu item? Want to add seasonal dishes? Not offering a menu item anymore? SinglePlatform instantly updates your menus everywhere they are featured. 

Raydiant digital menu boards are also instantly updated using the SinglePlatform app, so that all of your in-house digital displays will show the current, updated menu. The SinglePlatform app also allows your menu to be searchable on major sites like Google and Yelp. And since 93% of your customers are looking at online menus, having a searchable menu is a necessity. 

Be a Virtual Visitor: Connect with customers and employees wherever you are with BlueJeans

If your business has multiple locations, staying on the same page with employees and connecting with customers can be a challenge. Raydiant offers a solution: video conferencing with our BlueJeans app. This app allows you to virtually meet and train employees, party with customers in other locations, and everything in between. Imagine a clear, crisp digital display showing your restaurant staff preparing food in your kitchen as guests watch while waiting to order. Or hosting a remote party in your store or restaurant and virtually “mingling” with customers in other locations. Use our BlueJeans app to collaborate with work teams in other locations, connect in with remote workers, and livestream events—all in crisp HD video. 

Experience Raydiant for Yourself

With Raydiant, you have multiple tools at your disposal to create the exact experience you’re after for you and your guests. More than just digital signage, Raydiant’s multifunctional technology allows you to create interactive experiences that delight, inform, and connect people with your brand. Browse our large app library and find new and exciting ways to showcase your brand

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Raydiant’s cloud-based interface and plug-and-play hardware make it easy to instantly create digital signs, digital menu boards, promotional posters, live event calendars, custom playlists, and more. Setup is easy, as Raydiant installs and is up and running in minutes—just plug our ScreenRay into the back of your TV and follow the on-screen setup instructions. With our large content library of images, animations, videos, and audio clips—along with our intuitive user interface—you can create eye-catching displays to market your brand. And what’s even better—you’ll have fun doing it! Try Raydiant today, risk-free.