Soundtrack Your Brand

With Raydiant and Soundtrack Your Brand, you have access to the world’s largest catalog of popular music fully licensed for your business. Soundtracks include music from more than 380 record labels along with album art and visuals to share across your Raydiant displays.

Set the Mood for Your Business.

With Raydiant and Soundtrack Your Brand you can automatically generate playlists from a library over 50 million songs and showcase your musical selections to your guests with Raydiant’s digital signage app.

Join the thousands of happy customers:

Running a business takes time. Playing great music shouldn’t.

LauraManager at Albuquerque Press Club, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Soundtrack is great because it makes music so easy. We press play and everything is taken care of.

MalloryMarketing manager for Frogtown Brewery, Los Angeles, California

We went with Soundtrack because of its ability to import playlists through Spotify.


One Device for Music & Signage

Stream music from the same ScreenRay device used for your signage, so integrating with your TV sound or existing AV system is a breeze (or use your ScreenRay as a standalone device for music only).

Import Spotify Playlists

Already have a sweet beats mix? Great! Soundtrack Your Brand supports directly playlist imports from Spotify.

Show Off Your Incredible Taste in Music

Your customers want to know what they are listening to. With the Now Playing app for Soundtrack Your Brand, you can show off your musical taste with beautiful digital signage.

Easily Control Your Music on the Web or from your Smartphone

Manage what’s playing across all of your locations from one place with the Soundtrack Your Brand dashboard or smartphone app.

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