How Raydiant’s New Toast App Can Help Power Your Restaurant

Our recent partnership with digital menu solution provider Toast means more value for all Raydiant customers, but especially restaurateurs.

Adding the Toast app to Raydiant’s comprehensive dashboard gives restaurants and other businesses a central hub from which they can manage digital menu boards, digital signs, interactive screens, and more. This functionality makes Raydiant the only company to provide an entire ecosystem of customer and employee-facing applications for digital screens. 

Here are some of the many ways this new integration will benefit restaurants. 

Dynamic Digital Menus and Drive-Thru Screens

Make easy-to-read digital menu boards and drive-thru screens with animated sizzle reels to get their mouth watering. The Toast app lets you do all of this right from Raydiant’s dashboard, which can be managed remotely from any internet-connected device. Need to update a price, add a menu item, or add a holiday menu? Do it all from Raydiant’s cloud-based interface, which lets you update menus in one or several restaurant locations from one central interface. 

Interactive, Self-Service and POS Screens

Toast streamlines the restaurant experience for both customers and staff. With Toast functionality, customers can scan on-screen QR codes to access digital menus, order food and drinks, access loyalty programs, and make mobile payments. On the back end, restaurant staff can use Toast as an integration with their POS system, inventory accounting, payroll, and multiple menu management at one or all locations. The full Raydiant platform also enables restaurants to offer digital screens that promote new dishes and deals, custom background music that creates dining ambience, social walls to engage and entice dine-in customers, and so much more.   

Online Ordering, Delivery, and Curbside Services

The Toast integration lets restaurants offer digital ordering options that boost revenue. The app enables online ordering, mobile ordering, and contactless delivery options in an easy-to-use, centralized interface. And within the Raydiant interface, you can also create digital menus for indoor and outdoor dining, curbside signs with instructions for third-party delivery drivers and customers, and other functions that make no- and low-contact services possible. 

Remote Management for Instant Updates

Whether you have one or several locations, travelling to each location to switch out your signage is impractical. Now you can switch your screens out, add and remove menu items, create and display holiday and special menus, and manage one or all of your screens—in one or more of your locations—with Raydiant’s cloud-based system. Simply log on to our secure interface on your PC, tablet, smartphone, or any device with an internet connection, and you can make updates from the comfort of your home or anywhere—and they go live in seconds. 

Apps That Upgrade Your In-Location Experience

Let’s not forget that the Toast app, while valuable in its own right, is just one of the many top apps that Raydiant offers. As a Raydiant customer, you get access to our entire app library, which means you get everything you need to run your restaurant and marketing efforts, including:

Indoor and outdoor signage

Make all of your indoor and outdoor signage with the PosterMyWall app’s easy drag-and-drop design tools and more than 150,000 poster and video templates. Create gorgeous presentations and short videos to highlight your most popular dishes and share your brand story.

Custom background music

Set and forget your background music to create the right dine-in mood for restaurant and patio dining. Raydiant’s Soundtrack Your Brand app lets you set music playlists based on mood, music genre, or business type. The app offers access to a 50-million song library—all licensed for business use, meaning no expensive copyright infringements. Just good music your customers love. 

Social walls

Engage customers while they wait in line to order or as they’re dining with social walls that display the best of your Instagram content on big screens. Showcase promotions, new dishes, and happy customers with crisp, clear images and HD videos. You can even set it to pull images and videos from branded hashtags for always fresh content. 

Video conferencing

Virtually visit with customers and staff through the BlueJeans video conferencing app, available through the Raydiant platform. Conduct all-hands meetings with staff in all locations, hold employee trainings, and say hello to customers on HD video. 

Secure internet connectivity for food trucks

Food trucks and restaurants with spotty Wi-Fi can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity through Raydiant’s T-Mobile® LTE network functionality. No more dropped connections in the middle of transactions or non-functioning digital menu boards—with Raydiant’s LTE network connectivity, your screens are always working.

Always Reliable Signage for Uninterrupted Service

Raydiant customers can expect a 99.95% uptime in services. This is because Raydiant was designed for commercial use; we expect our customers to put our system to good use, which often means 24/7 functionality. We designed our hardware and software to work whenever you do, so you don’t have to deal with frozen or blue screens of death. Rest assured that your digital menu boards, contactless services, and other services you’ve come to count on will continue to function flawlessly. And, in the rare instances when they don’t, our expert support team is ready to get you back on track promptly.

Installation and Setup in Minutes

We know you can’t afford downtime. That’s why Raydiant’s plug-and-play hardware and intuitive interface was made so that you can install and set up your Raydiant screens in minutes. Even restaurants with multiple locations can install and use Raydiant in the same day—across locations. No downtime, no interruptions in your day-to-day, and no fuss.

Try Raydiant for Your Restaurant Today

Don’t take our word for it—see what your peers are saying. Top restaurants like McDonalds, Wahlburgers, and Baskin Robbins are using Raydiant in their locations. And Raydiant continues to hold the designation as the top customer-rated digital signage solution on tech review sites like G2 and Capterra. On top of this, our software is always being evolved and updated so that it offers the functionality and cyber protection restaurants of today require to stay competitive. Try Raydiant today, risk-free, and experience the Raydiant difference yourself.