How Raydiant Helps Restaurants and Retailers Get Ready for Mother’s & Father’s Day

May 05, 2021

As two of the three busiest restaurant days, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are fast approaching. (As a reminder, this year Mother’s Day falls on May 9th, and Father’s Day on June 20th.) But restaurants aren’t the only ones needing to plan for these big business days. As more people are getting vaccinated, and getting their stimulus checks, shoppers are planning to spend more than ever this year on these special occasions. But like many restaurants and retailers still recovering from the pandemic, you might not feel as ready as you’d like for these big shopping and dining days. Not to worry—we’ve got you covered with these easy actions you can start today.

Roll Out Those Promotions 

The latest stats show that Americans are projected to spend upwards of $28 billion dollars for Mother’s Day this year. How do you ensure you get a piece of that amount? Get those promotions out—even if you’re just doing so now. Better late than ever; plus, people are always looking for gifts last minute, so you’re never too late to make a sale. What are shoppers looking for this year?

Many customers are looking to celebrate all the moms and dads in their life, including spouses, best friends, in-laws, and other loved ones and friends. To capture more of this market, you need to offer more than one type of promotion. For instance, those shopping for older moms and dads might look for more traditional promotions (think brunches and jewelry for mom, ties and gift cards for dad). On the other hand, when shopping for younger parents, your customers may be more inclined to gift an experience or a more unique gift (like a paint-and-sip class or a micro-brewing lesson). Think about which products and services you offer for each “type” of mom and dad, and there are your promotions to push.  

Whatever the promotion (or promotions) you offer, Raydiant helps retailers make easy, eye-catching in-store displays to boost their visibility and bring in more sales. The PosterMyWall app is a simple drag-and-drop design tool with pre-loaded templates—over 170,000 of them!—you can use to make your Mother’s and Father’s Day promos sing. 

Prepare for Contactless and To-Go Orders 

Though restaurants across the country are lifting some, if not all, COVID restrictions, Mother’s and Father’s Day is still going to be different this year. When planning for these holidays, don’t just focus all your efforts on your dine-in guests. Many are still hesitant to dine inside a restaurant, and some just may want to celebrate the parents in their life from the comfort of their own home. Either way, these guests will still be a major source of your day’s revenue, so plan your contactless, curbside, delivery, and takeout options accordingly. 

If you’re having trouble managing all of your dine-out options, Raydiant’s Toast integration works with your POS system to power and manage all dine-in and dine-out services, from digital menu boards and drive-thru displays to delivery, curbside, and takeout. This centralized restaurant management system streamlines your back-end processes—everything from inventory to ordering—automatically updating all your menus when you run out of an ingredient or make a price change. This integration also enables QR code functionality for scan-and-go contactless services you can offer to both dine-in and dine-out guests.

Create a Comfortable Shopping Experience 

Customers are slowly returning to in-store shopping, but many are still concerned with safety protocols like social distancing and avoiding crowds. Retailers can help their Mother’s and Father’s Day customers relax and enjoy a positive in-store experience by assuring them that public health protocols are still being followed. In many states, this includes maintaining limited occupancy levels. To keep track of occupancy, a retail store may assign a staff member to stand at their door and manually count the customers entering and exiting. This isn’t only ineffective—people get distracted and lose count easily —but it wastes your best employees on door duty when they could be helping customers. 

Raydiant’s new RetailNext app automates occupancy tracking through a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, cameras, and sensors. It keeps track of your occupancy in real-time, updating every few seconds so that the current occupancy level is always displayed on your in-store screens. Customers and staff are then alerted by on-screen prompts that cue customers to wait until the occupancy level drops before entering the store, or to “please come in” when your store is under occupancy. This is the level of detail and care that puts shoppers’ minds at ease and keeps them coming back to your store. 

Share the Love with Social Walls 

Bridge the gap between online and offline by using your in-store screens as social walls for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day content. Encourage customers to share what they love best about the moms in their life, and ask them to tag your brand in the post. Include a unique, branded hashtag, like Google’s #HeyMom, that they can share in their post. Not only does this warm customers to your brand, but it provides user-generated content for you to share—both on your social platforms and in-store social walls.

Raydiant’s Instagram integration gives retailers and restaurants the ability to turn their screens into larger-than-life social walls. Accessible from the Raydiant dashboard, our Instagram app lets you pull curated content from your feed and from branded hashtags, for an endless fount of fresh content. Restaurants can use their screens to share images of the mouth-watering desserts on menu for those special days, and share sweet moments of customers and their moms as they dine. Retailers can use their social walls to tease bundle deals, Mother’s Day sales, and gift ideas for Mom and Dad. 

Elevate Your In-Location Experience Every Day

Though holidays may account for a large chunk of sales, it’s the everyday customer experience that most affects your bottom line. In-location experiences are one of the key differentiators between customer-facing businesses that rise above their competition and those that fall by the wayside. Customers are looking for unique and memorable experiences that connect them to your brand. They also want personalized customer service and convenience as they shop and dine. Raydiant delivers all of this in a multi-functional platform that utilizes the latest technology and easy plug-and-play hardware. Try Raydiant today by booking a free demo.


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