How Digital Signage Can Help Convey Health and Safety Messages

With many restaurants and retailers starting to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are finding that it’s not business as usual in this “new normal.” State and local ordinances have outlined certain guidelines for things like social distancing between customers and no or low contact sales. How can digital signage help retailers and restaurateurs navigate this new terrain safely and effectively? Here are a few ways:

Get More Attention with Bold, Dynamic Signage 

It’s no surprise that research has found time and again that digital signs garnish more attention than static signage. One study found that digital signs are viewed 400% more than static signs. And another study revealed that up to 76% of customers entered a store because of digital signage. 

We live in a society where people are used to looking for data from digital sources, be it their smartphone, the flight info board at the airport, or digital screens in shopping malls, restaurants, and other public places. Because of its effectiveness, digital signage is used by businesses of all sorts to promote their products and services. It stands to reason that they will be just as effective when displaying important public health and safety reminders and protocols. 

Post New Public Health and Safety Protocols 

Digital signage is useful, not just for marketing, but for communicating important messages to the public. For example, in the National Restaurant Association’s Reopening Guidance guide, it recommends keeping in constant contact with customers and staff when promoting new directives, such as social distancing, washing hands regularly, and not going out in public when sick. And the National Retail Federation’s Operation Open Doors, a good resource for retailers, shares similar guidelines.) 

Both sets of guidelines include ways to reduce close contact with customers through communicating key information. This could include simple changes like displaying a digital menu board in lieu of paper menus, promoting special no-contact services like curbside pickup and delivery, and posting new store hours. 

Other important public health messages for restaurants and retail might include:

  • Your cleaning and disinfecting schedule and protocol (ensuring customers that you have their safety in mind by cleaning regularly and using solutions that kill viruses)

  • Reminding customers to wear face masks and/or not to touch their hands and face, and to use hand sanitizer (if provided)

  • Playing public health videos from reputable sources like the CDC and WHO

  • Your new maximum capacity per state and local ordinances

  • Encouraging customers to spend less time shopping by creating shopping lists or browsing your website online before shopping in store

  • Reminding customers to wipe down carts and baskets, and to refrain from touching surfaces as much as possible

  • Recommending that customers download your app for updates on shopping protocols, special services, and operating hours

  • Sharing inspiring videos of the community coming together to slow the spread of the coronavirus

Direct Foot Traffic Safely for Less Contact

Use digital signs to reduce and direct foot traffic in your restaurant or store. For example, they can be used to:

  • Welcome customers! They are likely uneasy as we all learn to navigate this new world, so remember to welcome them, and keep signage friendly and positive.

  • Post COVID-19 protocols and reminders at entrance

  • Display “stop” signs at entrance so staff can control number of people shopping/dining at the same time

  • Show a map of your store at the entrance to help customers get what they need more efficiently

  • Direct a one-way traffic flow to mitigate social contact

  • Provide 6’ visuals and marker points for checkout lines

  • Inform customers of off-limit areas 

  • Post “temporarily closed” signs at restroom entrances during cleanings

Keep Customers Informed with the Latest Info

As we—including health experts—are learning about this novel virus as it develops, everyone wants to stay abreast of the latest, most up-to-date information. Digital signs are a great vehicle for displaying the latest info—in the form of posters, flyers, or videos—from reputable sources. Here are some informative videos you can share:

You can also share live news feeds using Raydiant’s News app. This app provides on-screen headlines and updates in real-time, both engaging and informing your customers as they wait in line to order or check out.  

Create and Display Content From Anywhere—and in Real Time 

Now more than ever, it’s important to have remote-accessible tools to run your business. Raydiant’s cloud-based model lets you create, update, schedule, and display digital signage content from anywhere you have an internet connection. So whether you’re getting your digital signage ready for when you reopen, updating digital signs with COVID-19 messaging for multiple locations, or both, Raydiant can help—and you don’t even have to be at your place of business to do it all. Simply access Raydiant’s secure platform from your computer, device, or phone, to create informative digital posters and wayfinding signs with our PosterMyWall app, share public health videos on in-store screens from our YouTube app, and offer live news updates with our News app. Browse our large app library to see what you can do with Raydiant.

Stay Connected—and Safe—with Raydiant

We are living in a time where connection is more important than ever—and even lifesaving. Staying connected with customers and staff, and ensuring that their safety is your utmost concern, is key. Raydiant isn’t just digital signage—it’s a connection tool that can help you keep people informed and safe. 

Raydiant offers plug-and-play hardware and a cloud-based interface that sets up in minutes and is easy to use. Create digital posters, flyers, and brand videos that look like a designer made them—but without need of any design experience. Our PosterMyWall app includes thousands of poster and video templates that you can use to make dynamic, attention-grabbing signs your customers can’t miss.