6 Ways Raydiant Adds Value to Your Co-Working Space

Dec 21, 2020

San Francisco-based co-workspace provider Werqwise recently onboarded Raydiant’s experience platform to add more value to their customer experience. With a focus on creating mutually beneficial business relationships between their business clients, Werqwise has innovated the co-workspace model by promoting networking and other special events that bring them together. We’ll show you a few ways Werqwise uses Raydiant to promote their “community-centric” environment, and the many other ways Raydiant can elevate your co-working space.

Networking and Special Event Signage

From speaking engagements to special lunches to networking happy hours, Werqwise creates regular opportunities for cross-mingling in their shared workspace. To generate hype around the events, Werqwise uses Raydiant’s highly visible, dynamic signage to promote these events in full HD color. Using the PosterMyWall app on Raydiant’s easy-to-use dashboard, they can create gorgeous digital posters using simple drag-and-drop design tools and templates. From animated posters to short videos, these eye-catching signs are placed in common areas to get the full effect.

Using digital signage for promotional signs has other benefits as well. Already planned your events calendar for the month? Create signage for it ahead of time and pre-program it to update on a specific date. Raydiant’s cloud-based interface lets you create and schedule out your signage weeks and months ahead of time, whether you’re at work or at home. Updates are easy to make, since you can access the Raydiant dashboard from any device, anywhere.

Specials and Promotions

Looking to fill your unused workspaces? Have a seasonal special you need to promote? Do it with digital signs. Showcasing your special deals and promotions on big screens in your entryway and common areas is a great way to reach current tenants and visitors. Place your screens in places that get the most traffic, like in hallways, near elevators, on stairwells, and in meeting and break rooms.

Your tenants can also use Raydiant signage to promote their brand to others in your shared space. Offer your Raydiant screens as paid advertisement boards for those interested, or provide them as free ad space as part of the amenities package you offer. Your customers can upload digital ads, commercials, and YouTube videos for display in your common areas and networking events, fostering a more connected business community. And, they also have the option of creating their own digital ads and videos straight from the Raydiant dashboard.

Raydiant’s PosterMyWall app has over 150,000 designer templates for both digital posters and videos. In minutes, you can create promotional signage that looks made by a graphic designer. You can also generate QR codes from the Raydiant dashboard and display them on your screens so customers can scan and go, taking your info with them on their smartphones.

Wayfinding Signs and Digital Directories

Create a seamless experience for customers with clear wayfinding signs in key areas like lobbies, stairwells, and elevators. Raydiant gives you all the tools to easily create directional signage, interactive maps, and digital directories. Great for directing foot traffic and preventing access to off-limits areas, wayfinding signs are especially useful right now, during COVID-19. You can use signage to create one-way traffic, promote social distancing guidelines, and temporarily block off areas for cleaning.

Make your signage do double duty with Raydiant’s Multizone capability, which uses the main screen for your primary message, and your side and bottom screen zones for other messages. For example, you can use the main Raydiant screen as a wayfinding sign, and display live news and weather feeds scrolling across the bottom or on the side screen. Tenants will love being able to catch the latest industry news, local weather, and traffic updates as they walk into their workspaces.

Meeting Boards and Live Event Calendars

With many companies working in one space, organization is key. Meeting and conference rooms get booked fast, and there needs to be a system that keeps track of it all. Simplify this process by posting easy-to-read digital signage outside each room, listing all the booking information for the day or week. Your tenants will know at a glance when and where their meeting or event will be held, and what date and time slots are available to them for future bookings. You can also use these screens to display welcome signage customized to each group, so non-tenant meeting guests know they’re in the right place.

Need to make a last-minute change—like cancelling or postponing a meeting? No problem. You can update any or all of your Raydiant screens instantly from any internet-connected device. Screens will update in seconds, so your tenants and their guests will always be up to speed. Live events calendars that sync with your Google calendar can also be showcased on your in-house screens, and are just as easy (and quick) to update.

Instagram Social Walls 

There’s no question that Instagram has influence in the business sector: with 80% of its users following at least one brandand 60% using the platform to learn about new products. Why not leverage this brand power in your co-working space, sharing curated photos from your and your tenant’s feeds to create a buzz. Social walls help co-working spaces promote new services, sought-after and new spaces that come available, and other tenants’ businesses. For Werqwise, a company built around social connection between customers, having an Instagram social wall is the perfect way to introduce tenants to one another, and get them excited about collaborating or doing business together.

The Raydiant platform includes an Instagram integration, making social walls simple to set up and curate. Choose your screen layout, pull content from branded hashtags, shuffle posts, and control the duration of the presentation—all from the Raydiant dashboard.

Public Health Reminders

Most states currently require COVID-19 protocols for businesses offering in-location services. Digital signs are ideal for calling attention to important public health reminders, like staying home if sick and social distancing in common areas. Raydiant screens can also display important virus updates in your area, remind tenants to wash their hands frequently, and highlight special services offered during the pandemic. And back-of-house signage can keep staff up to date on cleaning schedules, PPE reminders, and other workplace requirements.

Help Them Get Back to Work with Raydiant

Keep your tenants connected and informed with signage that makes getting back to work easy and safe. Raydiant’s experience platform offers at-a-glance signage people can see easily from a distance, directing, engaging, and informing them across your co-working space. Along with the capabilities mentioned here, Raydiant’s platform offers a variety of apps you can use to make your co-working space that much more dynamic. Custom music playlists, digital menu boards, contactless capabilities, and so much more are offered through the multi-dimensional Raydiant platform. Explore it now with a free demo.


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