5 Reasons Raydiant’s Workplace Experience Platform is the Future of Work

Industry experts predict that the number of US remote workers will nearly double in the next five years. Beyond that, dispersed and hybrid teams are increasingly becoming the norm, causing companies to reevaluate how they get things done in the day to day. Not only are companies looking to digitize their workflows, but they want ways to stay connected with their teams both in the office and virtually.

Enter Raydiant’s Workplace Experience Platform, the only all-in-one communication solution that sets up in seconds and lets you and your team communicate and collaborate more effectively, sharing real-time data on completely customizable, easily updatable screens. Let’s look at how the Workplace Experience Platform meets the needs of today’s—and tomorrow’s—remote and hybrid workforce.

Consistent Communication for More Cohesive Teams

Clear, consistent communication is key to a business’s success, whether your team is in office, working remotely, or a mix of the two. One study found that 33% of employees cited lack of open, honest communication as the main reason for low employee morale. Having a communication tool that provides face-to-face communication, is easy to use, and doesn’t interfere with work is crucial for building and maintaining a connected team. Not only does keeping in constant communication with the team—whether they’re across the office or the globe—mean closer interoffice relationships, it also means higher employee engagement, improved productivity, and less time wasted on miscommunication.

Raydiant’s SecondScreen solution is a virtual communication tool for the workplace that’s like no other. It provides personal communication via video chat, and a partial screen where you and your team can share important messages and announcements, KPIs and company data, and documents you can collaborate on and edit in real-time. All this functionality is available on a screen or tablet that’s separate from the main workstation, making it easy to join all-hands meetings, collab sessions, and one-on-one chats with team mates without missing a beat. No meeting IDs or passwords to enter, and no complicated hardware or software to install—just you and your co-workers checking in when you need or want to.

Collaborative Tools for the Seamless Sharing of Ideas

It’s been proven that when workers collaborate effectively, 73% do better work, 60% are more innovative, and 15% work faster. It’s no wonder that most workers—70% of them—like using digital tools, stating that they improve the collaboration process.

Digital signage is part of the omnichannel approach many businesses are using to communicate more efficiently with their employees. Raydiant digital signage can be implemented in the office as a way to provide highly visual, hard-to-miss, at-a-glance information that may otherwise get lost in an email folder. Raydiant screens are also effective in the conference room, enabling you to easily manage and display real-time company information and data—like KPIs and trend reports—in an easy-to-read format.

For remote and hybrid teams, Raydiant’s SecondScreen streamlines collaboration by creating an environment that mimics the in-office experience. Through clear, crisp HD video conferencing and side-screen messaging and screen sharing, you and your team mates will always have what you need at your fingertips. This way, you can focus more on brainstorming, and less on struggling with meeting IDs and passwords or unreliable software that needs constant updating.

Beating the “Feeling Disconnected” Blues with Technology

With an increase in remote workers comes more reports of feeling disconnected. Unsurprisingly, 70% of remote workers said they felt left out of the workplace, and 21% cited loneliness as their biggest challenge when working apart from their team. Even on-site employees struggle with feeling disconnected from co-workers and managers, a phenomenon that contributes to low morale and impaired productivity.

One reason that employees struggle with feeling engaged is lack of purpose. They may feel they’re working in a vacuum, with no hard data that tells them how they’re doing and no clear roadmap on where they’re going. With Raydiant’s digital signs in the office, you can easily upload and update company data, KPIs, sales trends, and other success indicators that gives your employees instant feedback and outlines clear goals for the future. And with SecondScreen for dispersed teams and remote employees, you can share the same data on-screen—all while having face-to-face conversations that help your remote employees feel less alone and more part of the team.

Managing and Improving the Visitor Experience

Your customers are your bread and butter, which is why their in-office visits should be convenient and enjoyable. Instead of rocking up to an empty receptionist desk or getting lost trying to find the right conference room, they should feel as though they are guests, and greeted and guided as such. Raydiant screens are extremely effective as welcome signage and interactive wayfinding tools that get your visitors to the right place. These screens can be used to offer a simple greeting and instructions to wait for someone to meet them, or to sign in. As wayfinding signs, they can be easily programmed with interactive maps, department directories, and other helpful content. Of course, employees old and new can also benefit from these visual guideposts, making it easier for them, too, to get around and get their jobs done more efficiently.

A Plug-and-Play Solution for Today’s Flexible Workspace

The future (and present) of workplace technology needs to be both adaptable and flexible. Gone are the days of cumbersome, space-wasting hardware and complicated software requiring hours of employee training and downtime. Today’s workplace moves fast, and (as we’ve learned from COVID) needs to be able to pivot on a dime.

Raydiant’s plug-and-play solution is an all-in-one, turnkey tool that gets you and your employees (in-office and remote) up and running immediately. Simply plug in the ScreenRay device to your in-office (or at-home) TV, follow the screen prompts for setup, and start using it. Our SecondScreen solution gives you the choice of either a TV screen or a tablet (an existing tablet with a download or a fully loaded tablet we provide). Both solutions are cloud-based and remotely managed via any device with an internet connection. And since the Raydiant interface was designed to be intuitive, anyone that can work a smartphone can work it—no IT help or hours of training necessary.

The Future is Raydiant

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