4 Ways Virtual Try-Ons will Upgrade Your Retail Experience

Virtual try-ons are a convenient alternative to the traditional fitting room. Trying on items virtually can save shoppers time and energy and present additional opportunities for retailers to showcase promotions to their customers. Providing an alternative to fitting rooms will improve the customer experience and empower staff to be more efficient. Read more for 4 ways virtual try-ons will transform your brick-and-mortar.

1. Bring convenience to customers

No more flagging down employees to unlock changing rooms, no more waiting in long lines for rooms to become available, and no more walking to different floors of department stores to try on items. Today’s customers are on the go, which means they’re looking for efficiency and streamlined shopping experiences.

For shoppers who are on a time crunch, virtual try-ons are a convenient, time-efficient way to make quick decisions. They can scan a QR code to enter their measurements, upload a photo of themselves, and instantly begin trying on the items they’ve been eyeing.

Virtual try-ons are the answer for shoppers who are tired of carrying clothes around, the 65% of parents who shop with their kids, and customers who would rather not deal with winter layers. With a frictionless try-on experience, increase your sales volume and keep customers coming back.

2. Reduce crowding

Fitting room lines create congestion, which blocks the flow of foot traffic and makes certain aisles more difficult to access. Some retailers have implemented virtual queues, sending shoppers text alerts when rooms are available. While this addresses congestion in the immediate vicinity of the changing rooms, it doesn’t solve the problem of overcrowding in general. 

Virtual changing rooms streamline the try-on process to reduce crowding, so your customers can maintain their personal space and have a better shopping experience overall.

4 Ways Virtual Try-Ons will Upgrade Your Retail Experience

3. Optimize your staff and your space

For maximum efficiency, fitting rooms should be staffed by extra personnel. However, not all businesses are able to dedicate team members to managing fitting rooms. Virtual try-ons alleviate the burden of managing changing rooms so employees can stay on top of ringing up customers, replenishing inventory displays, and assisting shoppers.

Virtual fitting rooms are also a great option for pop-up shops or retailers with small spaces. They’re a great tool for businesses who still want to offer a try-on experience for customers but don’t have the square footage for physical rooms.

4. Promote seamlessly

Our virtual try-on app, Zyler, includes customization options that allow you to display stunning promotions alongside a virtual try-on code. Use an eye-catching image of your current campaign or a graphic for your seasonal sale as the backdrop for your QR code.

In addition, you can put together a virtual try-on catalog to inspire shoppers to browse your sale or new arrivals. Offer style guides to help customers mix and match to put together the perfect outfit for any occasion. Encourage product discovery and dwell time by bringing a virtual shopping experience in-store.

Ready, set, change

Upgrade your retail experience with virtual try-ons to improve the customer experience, streamline in-store operations, and boost sales. Book a demo to learn more.