Trabon's Menunet

Raydiant App Certified Partnerby Trabon's Menunet | Raydiant Certified App Partner

Trabon’s MenuNet for Raydiant is a powerful central database-driven way to manage all your menu content and design elements. MenuNet offers unprecedented national-level cross-platform distribution, menu versioning, local customization and more. Keep all your in-person and online menus in sync and present them on vibrant, eye-catching displays.

One tool to rule them all

Combined with Raydiant, MenuNet is a complete solution for menu management. You won’t need anything else. Centrally and remotely manage all of your restaurant menus and deliver them--whether in print, online, or on big, bright, beautiful digital signage.

Go contactless

Contactless menus are more popular and more important than ever. Use a QR code on digital or print displays to send a menu directly to your customer’s phone.

Keep your menus updated from anywhere

MenuNet allows you to update all your menus at once with one singular action from anywhere with an internet connection. Make changes on the centralized platform and deliver instant changes 24/7 to your food and drink menus on your website, app, digital displays and more.

Seamless online POS integration

Make your menu system and your online POS system work together. MenuNet can work hand-in-hand with your POS system to streamline and simplify stock accounting, sales reports, and even recipe and supply chain management.

How we integrate

Trabon’s MenuNet helps you create, synchronize, and publish gorgeous, eye-catching menus. Raydiant brings them to your digital signage network, giving them the presentation they deserve in all their HD brilliance.