Toast Gamification & Sales Contests

by Toast

Raydiant's Frontline Employee Experience Platform is the first of its kind solution for connecting, motivating and celebrating back-of-house employees. Raydiant integrates with Toast POS to transform restaurant in-store sales data into motivating sales contests, games, and healthy competition. By connecting and motivating your restaurant staff, you can reduce turnover and retain top performers.

Motivate your team with contests, games and leaderboards

Transform Toast POS data into contests and games that create healthy competition for your BOH staff. Display leaderboards on back office screens or connect teams via our mobile app.

Stay connected through our mobile app for brick-and-mortar teams

Easily push health and safety notifications, company updates, shoutouts, or access your rewards center straight from your smartphone. Examples include when a corporate VIP may be visiting a certain restaurant location, or maybe you’ve installed a new floor mat that could be slippery. Any alert big or small, can be pushed to teams (organized as you like) via the mobile app.

Recognize and celebrate your team's wins

Deliver real-time recognition for sales contest wins and employee milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, or promotions. Assign reward points per milestone and from there, employees can redeem for the rewards they crave (from gift cards to merchandise, to experiences and travel).

How we integrate

Integrate Toast with Raydiant and immediately start displaying powerful leaderboards, newsflashes, and contests through back office screens or pushed directly through the mobile app. Form location vs. location competitions or highlight LTO menu items sold. Get creative and have fun with the data you show off to inspire and motivate your teams!