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Motivate your contact center agents with a gamified workplace experience like no other. Hoopla by Raydiant’s Talkdesk integration brings more engagement, fun, and productivity to contact center workspaces.

Make work fun again

Struggling with disengaged agents, a sky-high turnover rate, or overall low company morale? Talkdesk and Hoopla turn this around with fun and friendly workplace competitions that encourage workers to show up and shine. Inspire your agents and provide a more dynamic work environment by turning KPIs into contests, team challenges, and one-on-one battles.

Create a goal-oriented culture

Need a company culture overhaul? Hoopla’s Talkdesk integration brings your business goals and individual KPIs into focus, keeping them top of mind through live reporting on office leaderboards and messaging channels. Transform dull daily duties into growth opportunities, as your agents can track their own progress in real time. Watch their skills and confidence grow along with your business.

Give recognition and rewards

Want your top agents to stay? Recognize them for their successes, both large and small. Research shows that recognition is what workers crave most. It also shows that for recognition to work, it must be immediate. With the Talkdesk integration, your data integrates seamlessly with the Hoopla platform, letting you know instantly when an employee has won a contest, reached a goal, or simply gone above and beyond. And with Hoopla’s rewards platform, your company can have a branded marketplace where agents can redeem points earned for thousands of real-world prizes.

Easily integrate key data

Streamline all your workflows by letting Hoopla access data from Talkdesk, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and other data platforms. You can even use Google Sheets and Excel 365 to perform calculations and apply formulas to your Hoopla metrics. Share it all effortlessly through the platform’s Slack and Microsoft Teams integration for more meaningful messaging.

How we integrate

Raydiant allows contact centers to use Talkdesk data to turn their most important metrics into engaging gaming opportunities. This powerful integration lets you create and manage workplace competitions by integrating and sharing data across key data platforms.