Square Kiosk

by Raydiant

Raydiant's Self-Service Kiosk lets Square merchants streamline their ordering experience and reduce front-of-house staffing demands. Customers can browse suggested menu items, order, and pay directly from Raydiant kiosks. Square merchants are able to reduce staff overhead by automating these interactions and increase in-location sales by pushing offers, upsells, and promotions to customers via the kiosk. Raydiant kiosks are available in a variety of sizes (including standing or countertop-sized displays) and can be custom-branded.

Note: Raydiant does not yet integrate with standard Square iPad stands.

Reduce costs and increase sales with self-service ordering. 

Allow customers to browse your menu, order, and pay from the comfort of their table or via a standing kiosk. Customers can opt into text alerts to know when their order is ready.

Kiosks update in real-time to reflect your Square POS.

As you add  x86 items, change prices or descriptions in Square, your kiosk menu is updated in real-time. And kiosks can support menu scheduling if you have various menus to display throughout the day.

Push orders seamlessly from your Square POS to your kitchen.

As soon as your customer’s kiosk payment is approved, Raydiant pushes the order to Square POS for reporting. Orders can also be sent to a kitchen display system (KDS) or BOH printer as a bonus add-on.

How we integrate

Raydiant integrates directly with your Square POS to dynamically update your kiosk menus in real-time. Items, prices, and out of stock items are all updated based on changes in Square. Create a fully branded kiosk experience using our developer API or leverage pre-set templates.