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by Sodaclick

Sodaclick is a content creation app that helps you create and manage customizable, on-brand screen content. Entice customers with mouth-watering images of your specials. Tempt shoppers with promotions that they can’t turn down. Let your creativity fly with dynamic menus, flyers, announcements, promotional materials, and more. Take full control of your brand — choose from over a thousand templates or craft personalized content from scratch to display on Raydiant’s digital signage and kiosk solutions.

Get access to 1000+ digital signage templates 

From restaurants and retail to corporate offices, Sodaclick has templates galore. Customize your on-brand content with logos, graphics, and more, whether you’re creating digital menus, event posters, promotional content, or announcements on Raydiant-powered screens.

Real-time content updates

Edit and update on-screen content remotely and in real-time. No more waiting for your content to sync up with the screen or downloading and reuploading content — see immediate changes on Raydiant’s digital signage.

Multilingual content 

Translate your content to over 90 languages for any multilingual needs you may have. Serve various communities and reach a broader audience to make sure everyone’s included in the exciting things you’ve got brewing!

Schedule Sodaclick alongside other engaging content

With Raydiant, display more than one content at a time. Use multi-zone to create a display board with the weather, news, shoutouts, and digital signage from Sodaclick. All are accessible on the Raydiant dashboard.