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Sizer offers a powerful, convenient, and customer-friendly body measurements solution, which empowers shoppers to make correct online purchases. Companies can leverage valuable sizing data to improve their revenue, reduce returns, and drive sustainability. Using advanced AI technology and deep-learning algorithms, Sizer captures shoppers’ exact body measurements via a one-time scan, and matches them against garment data to deliver unbeatably accurate, data-driven sizing recommendations that are easily understood by end users. Sizer’s technology is a key component in ensuring that each shopper has access to an efficient, friction-free shopper journey, driving customer confidence and shopper loyalty. Fashion brands and retailers can demonstrate a tangible commitment to making life easier for shoppers of all sizes and body types while improving their value chain and optimizing their digital business.

Reduce returns and improve ROI with Sizer

Empower shoppers with crucial body measurement data to make correct in-store and online purchases. Using advanced AI technology and deep-learning algorithms, Sizer matches exact body measurements against garment data to provide shoppers with accurate sizing recommendations for a streamlined shopping experience. Sizer offers an in-store and offline solution that helps people pick the correct size no matter what touchpoint they are shopping from. Reduce returns, see an increase in revenue, and drive sustainability.

Sizer is a plug-and-play web solution

Sizer’s widget can be easily embedded into any online store, creating a delightful, seamless shopper journey, driving customer confidence and loyalty to return again and again. It is able to measure the user directly in-store or from the product page with no need to download an app.

A versatile tool for retail and fashion

Sizer is vertically diverse and able to offer solutions to fashion brands, lingerie, and swimsuit brands as well as uniforms and workwear. Sizer can be used in stores of any size, from small boutiques to multi-floor department stores. Use with Raydiant to create a more engaging in-store shopping experience.