by Simplifi

With Simplifi, you can enjoy the best-in-class digital signage experience from even the most remote places, without ever having to worry about an unreliable internet connection again. Simplifi’s plug and play form factor, high-end routing stack, remote management and broadband and LTE technology makes deploying a second network a no brainer.

Instant setup

Just place your LTE-enabled SIM card into your Simplifi router and plug it into a power outlet to launch your own private WiFi connection, then use that network to connect your screens to Raydiant’s cloud-based platform.

Your own reliable network

Never worry about shaky connections or getting booted off of someone else’s WiFi again. Simplifi lets you create a dedicated private connection to up to five Raydiant-enable screens, ensuring a consistent high-speed connection with virtually no downtime anywhere your screens may take you.

Enhanced security

Simplifi mimics a L2TP VPN with IPsec in the cloud. That means a secure, enterprise-class private connection for you and your team, no matter where you are. Connect rural or mobile workforces, multiple locations, and even international branches to Raydiant using standard LTE SIMs.

Manage remotely (or locally)

Once you’ve established your Simplifi network it’s simple to manage, either locally or through the SimplifiCloud Universal Dashboard tool. Combined with Raydiant’s remote management capabilities, you’ll have complete unfettered access to your screen network from anywhere in the world.

How we integrate

Raydiant offers plug and play access to your Simplifi instant broadband internet, giving you a dedicated and private connection for your digital signage over LTE.