by Salesforce

The worlds’ top customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Salesforce, is now available from the Raydiant app library! This powerful integration syncs your Salesforce reports with Hoopla, so you can display KPIs in real-time. Motivate your teams with live leaderboards, contests, and celebrate wins as they happen.

Simplify with a seamless date integration

Install in minutes and easily define performance metrics right from the Salesforce reports you already use. Goal progress, contests, and instant deal alerts are automatically updated as data changes. Keep your users and teams automatically synched to make user management a snap.

Powerful gamified motivation

Motivate your teams with real time deal alerts and recognition. Power up some friendly competition with leaderboards, head to head challenges, races, and march madness like brackets. Create the kind of high energy culture you want no matter where teams are located.

Performance management

Keep your team informed on where they stand against their peers and their goals with Hoopla's powerful performance console. View standings, progress, and key metrics all driven from Salesforce.

Rewards fulfillment

Let team members earn points for performance, winning challenges, and demonstrating the behaviors needed to succeed. They can redeem those points for prizes, trips, and any custom reward you design.

How we integrate

Bring your Salesforce data to life with this powerful integration to Raydiant. Leverage data from Salesforce reports to create new metrics, KPIs, company goals, contests, and challenges—which can then be displayed on live leaderboards via Raydiant-enabled screens.