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by Ivant Technologies & Business Solutions, Inc.

Simplify the dine-in and take-out experience for customers and couriers. Eliminate the disruption of order shout outs or buzzer devices, and upgrade your restaurant customer service experience with Raydiant digital signage and the OrderReady app. Clearly display order numbers and alert customers when their juicy burger combo or refreshing ice tea is ready. OrderReady’s digital order number display is the perfect solution for quick service restaurants, cafes, food trucks, ghost kitchens, and any establishment that uses online orders.

Reduce front-of-house processes with OrderReady screens

Improve operations by streamlining the ordering process and reducing wait times. By eliminating the need for order shout outs or buzzer devices, customer orders are placed more quickly. Customers don’t have to worry about forgetting their order numbers or having to wait for their orders to be ready. The OrderReady display allows customers to easily check their order status and notifies them when their order is ready. This helps to reduce wait times, as customers can pick up their order without having to wait for the staff to call out their order number.

Streamline pick up orders with the OrderReady app

Create the ultimate customer experience. Customers are happier when their orders are ready quickly and with minimal hassle. OrderReady's digital signage eliminates the need for customers to wait in line or memorize their order numbers. It also allows customers to check their order status without having to ask the staff. This helps customers get their orders faster and more conveniently, making the overall customer experience more efficient and enjoyable

How we integrate

Raydiant makes it easy to integrate OrderReady into the digital signage experience with our intuitive platform. Connect your existing ordering system to Raydiant's platform and display order numbers, alert customers when their orders are ready, and even provide a visual queue for couriers. With Raydiant's integration, you can improve customer service and create a seamless ordering experience.