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by Opiniator

Guarantee your customers and guests never leave unhappy. Empower customers to give valuable feedback that your team can respond to in real time. Display a QR code for Opiniator’s digital comment card on Raydiant digital signage to bridge the feedback gap between businesses and their customers. Patrons can provide comments on the spot based on their brick-and-mortar experiences. Get a notification whenever a customer submits feedback, whether a diner receives lukewarm soup or a hotel guest checks into a messy suite. Your team will be alerted the moment feedback is submitted, giving you an opportunity to respond to the situation and make things right. Keep customers satisfied and online ratings high.

More 5 Star reviews

A higher rating means more business. Online reviews can be the first impression a potential customer gets of your business, and negative ones can hurt your reputation. With Opinionator, quickly address real-time customer concerns. Get an alert when a customer is having problems, have your team acknowledge the matter, and appropriately resolve the matter. Leave the customer feeling satisfied, publish positive reviews directly to your website, Yelp, or Tripadvisor, and showcase excellent reviews on your Raydiant digital signage. Better business, better reviews.

Win customers over by giving them a say

Whether it’s menu changes or lounge updates, get your customers involved in the process! Create and display QR code surveys on your in-store digital signage. Instead of debating if chicken tenders should be kept or taken off the menu, ask your customers. With Opiniator’s feedback feature, learn if they like your ideas or have other preferences. Receive suggestions directly from customers to make effective changes to your business — you’ll create an experience that you know customers will enjoy. 

Tag team operational needs with your customers

When your business is serving over 200 guests a day, it can be difficult for your team to stay on top of operational needs. Enlist the help of guests with Opiniator, giving patrons the power to scan, text, or call to leave notes if a restroom needs attention or if condiments need to be restocked. Customers can also submit a photo, making it easier for you to respond accordingly.   

How we integrate

Learn about your guests’ experiences. With the Opiniator integration, you can clearly display a QR code on Raydiant digital signage for guests to submit feedback on their in-person experiences. Guests can scan, text, call, or submit comments through the app.