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Nexmosphere is a sensor platform specifically designed for digital signage. The sensors and controls help system integrators around the world to create impactful interactive experiences through digital signage. Nexmosphere is known for solutions such as Approach & Learn, Lift & Learn, Touchless Content Navigation, Personalized Content Triggering, and Shopper Guidance.

Boost sales with interactive digital signage

Adding interactivity to digital signage installations dramatically increases the impact of content. For example, add a presence sensor to make sure the right content is played at exactly the right time: when someone steps in front of your screen. When nobody is there, attract your audience to the installation by playing a looping video.

When offsetting the costs of the sensors to those of other components of the system (screen, player, costs of content design, programming, furniture), the relative cost of adding a few sensors is relatively low while a much more effective presentation. Adding sensors to the digital signage installation is a small investment that results in a high return. Playing the right content at the right time leads to more sales.

Create engaging customer experiences

Integrate sensors to create engaging experiences that give shoppers a reason to visit and stay at your store. With the number of physical stores and visits per store on the decline, it becomes increasingly important to provide memorable experiences to increase the number of people coming to visit as well as your content's overall effectiveness.

Collect data to maximize content performance

Gather data such as how many people stood in front of the shelving, how many have lifted a product, which product they lifted, and how long they looked at that product. Use this information to measure the performance of your installation and make changes where necessary to optimize effectiveness.