by MustHaveMenus

MustHaveMenus is a design and digital menu management platform tailored to restaurants. Create stunning menus in minutes. Ensure that your digital signage looks amazing and easily keep designs up-to-date and in-sync on Raydiant. Maintain high brand standards across all of your campaigns and channels. With over 25,000 customizable, easy-to-use templates, MustHaveMenus provides a complete marketing package for restaurants.

MustHaveMenus streamlines menu management

Update your Raydiant digital signage in real-time, eliminating the need for manual updates. Thanks to an ever-increasing list of partner integrations, MustHaveMenus lets you pull your menu data from your website directly into your digital menu boards. You can eliminate unnecessary steps from your menu workflow and keep your menus in sync. Create and manage your menu with MustHaveMenus, then display it in a few clicks. 

Engage customers with eye-catching menu designs 

In just minutes, create stunning digital signage content with accurate information that will engage your customers and tempt them with mouthwatering options. MustHaveMenus offers over 25,000 templates along with quick and easy customization tools—no designer needed.  

Digital menu management and in-location marketing

Add MustHaveMenus alongside your Raydiant dashboard to instantly offer seamless digital menu management. Dedicate one screen to MustHaveMenus and another to a rotating playlist of promotional, educational, or entertaining content to keep guests engaged. Showcase relevant content alongside your MustHaveMenus display to improve customer engagement and the overall in-person experience. 

How we integrate

MustHaveMenus is available as part of our In-Location Experience Marketplace and is accessible from the Raydiant dashboard. This integration creates an improved in-person experience, where customers and employees are more engaged. Along with this integration, Raydiant customers have access to the entire Raydiant ecosystem, which includes custom background music, video streaming content, social walls, occupancy tracking, AR technology, and more.