Microsoft Excel

by Microsoft

Microsoft Excel Online just got better with the Raydiant Experience platform integration. Now you can leverage the data in your spreadsheets on your Hoopla leaderboards and screens. You already have all the data you need in Excel—we’ve just opened up a way to share that data with your team within the Raydiant Experience platform. And since data is bi-directionally synced—meaning you can also send Hoopla data to an Excel spreadsheet—you have a smart data system that works just as hard as you do.

Sharing data the smart way

Our integration syncs data automatically, meaning no more manual data entry or redundant data sources. Make changes to your Excel spreadsheet and the changes are reflected in your Hoopla metrics—like who’s in the lead for bringing in the most qualified leads this quarter, or how close the team is to their monthly sales goals. Your employees get immediate feedback on their performance, as they watch Hoopla leaderboards track their progress.

Any date you've got, we can track

Wondering if your Excel data will be recognized in the Raydiant system? Any type of data—percentages, ratios, dollars, health metrics, KPIs, and more—can be tracked through this sophisticated integration. You can even make calculations in one system and they’ll show up automatically in the other, with no time wasted.

Motivate your employees with meaningful data

Each employee is unique—which is why a well-thought-out KPI is so important. Too ambitious, and they’ll feel deflated before they start. Too easy, and they’ll disengage. Leverage your employees’ data from Excel and use it to create goals that drive performance. And it’s so easy with the Hoopla integration: simply send employee data from Excel to your leaderboards for a game that practically runs itself.

Manage multiple systems from anywhere

Between the Raydiant Experience Platform, Hoopla, and Excel Online, you’ve got remote access to some of the most powerful business tools available. Simply log into the secure, cloud-based Raydiant system, go to the dashboard and select Excel or Hoopla, and start sharing data. Plus, you can do it all from your office, your couch, or the beach.