Microsoft Dynamics 365

by Microsoft

Raydiant’s experience platform is now even more robust with the addition of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer relationship management (CRM) solution. With this exclusive integration with Hoopla, your company can capture and manage performance data, gamify your metrics, produce performance-enhancing contests and competitions for the workplace and motivate performers with our online rewards platform.

Enjoy instant integration - no IT help needed

Connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365 instantly through our Hoopla integration. Hoopla summarizes your data automatically to create performance metrics to be used on leaderboards, charts, and contests.

Energize your team with gamification

Having Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Hoopla integrated makes it easy to turn key customer metrics into motivational workplace games with meaningful goals. Use Microsoft CRM data to create KPIs and track your employees’ performance in fun contests and competitions that grow your business while engaging your workers. Hoopla’s live leaderboards, showcased on Raydiant screens around the office, will spur your workers on to victory, creating more cohesive teams and goal-oriented workers in the process.

Recognize performers to drive motivation

Giving public recognition for a job well done is the #1 proven way to motivate and engage employees. Anytime a deal is closed or a threshold achieved in Microsoft Dynamics, an instant deal alert or newsflash will fire off on every screen with personalized videos and music.

Reward your teams with custom prizes

With our world class rewards platform employees can earn points for winning contests or hitting goals and spend those points for valuable prizes. Trips, electronics, appliances and custom built rewards like time off or lunch with the boss can be redeemed.